Hemp ethanol is roughly five times cheaper than gasoline


According to biofuel expert Tim Castleman, hemp ethanol could be produced for 1.37 per gallon plus the cost of the feedstock, with technological improvements and tax credits reducing the price another dollar or so per gallon! It is realy easy to convert to biodiesel and petrol, although processing to petrol is a bit harder than procesing to diesel.


Why use hemp crop for ethanol?

Hemp, grows realy well on poor land and requires minimal inputs, yet produces nearly four times as much oil per acre as soybeans, which is currently the only crop grown on a large scale for etanol in the united states. The biggest challenge to using hemp as a biofuel is that so little of it is grown. Some countries, such as France and Canada, produce it on a limited scale, but in the U.S. “industrial” hemp has been illegal for farmers to grow since the 1930s—even though it does not contain enough THC to get anyone high


Hemp ethanol can easy be turned in bio diesel and has the same energy as diesel

To explain in short, whatever your car does on diesel, it’ll do on hemp. It’s even possible to process hemp for a gasoline engine, but it’s more complex process


Hemp advocates argue that the plant is ideal for biofuel use. “It yields about four times more seed oil than soybeans, it grows widely in all climates with little fertilizer or pesticides needed than most crops. It’s cheap, drought-resistant and very easy to cultivate. Hemp is, in my opinion, the world’s most prodigious renewable resource. It could help California out with its power problems and keep the U.S. from drilling for oil in Alaska.

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