High Yielding Cannabis Strains

Productivity of plants is one of the most frequently desired traits by cannabis growers. Genetics, nutrients, grow mediums, climate, and many other factors are responsible for determining the yield of your garden. The first of those factors, the plant’s genetics, dictate which attributes the plant is capable of expressing, while environmental factors are what help coax them out in the growing process.

Certain strains simply end up growing to monstrous sizes — which is ideal for many growers. These monster plants can achieve enormous yields at the end of their grow season.

What are the cannabis strains with best yields?

High yielding strains are normally Indica dominant plants with compact structure and tight buds. These plants are ready to harvest after 7-9 weeks of flowering, although they may need a more prolonged vegging period than plants with Sativa dominance.

Automatic – also called autoflowering – cannabis strains will always have lower yields than “standard” ones. In this way, this type of seeds won’t be the ideal ones to get abundant yields since it’s not possible to trigger their flowering according to high productivity.

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If you are looking for cannabis strains with high quantity as well as quality, look no further than the high yielding cannabis seeds listed here.

Amnesia Haze

High (±550 gr/m² – ±19 oz/3ft²)
Amnesia Haze is a good all-around plant, given its medium size and its high yield. It is 80% Sativa in genetics and comes out with a high THC level (21%). It is a relatively easy strain to grow for beginners, and although it reaches tall heights, it is not the monster size of other strains. It flowers in approximately 64 days, which is fairly average. Amnesia Haze is probably most popular because of its excellent high that so many love. It mellows out the smoker but does so in a strong way.

Sour Diesel

Yield Very high (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23oz/3ft²”)
The Sour Diesel strain is another one that is both tall and high yielding, much like the Gold Leaf strain. It is Sativa dominant, at 60%, with approximately 18% THC (as compared to the 21% of Gold Leaf). It also has a medium amount of CBD. This strain of marijuana can reach 71 inches in height, and its flowering period is a lengthy 68 days. You can, therefore, expect its yield to be extremely high.Given its name, it should come as no surprise that Sour Diesel weed has a lime-like smell and an aftertaste that somehow resembles fuel or gasoline.

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Strawberry Kush

Yield: Very high (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23 oz/3ft²)
Strawberry Kush is particularly popular among indoor growers because it has a massive yield compared to its size. These marijuana plants will remain small and compact (only reaching heights of around 37 inches), but their buds will be large and dense nonetheless. It is Indica dominant (75%) and has THC levels of between 17 and 19 percent. It is also easy for growers because its flowering period is a mere 55 days long and it grows best in temperate or continental climates, making it ideal for many people learning to grow marijuana for the first time.

Gold Leaf

Yield: Very high (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23 oz/3ft²)
It grows best in a sunny climate (as similar to the Mediterranean as possible), but can also easily be grown indoors. It grows up to a whopping 89 inches tall and is also high in CBD, making it ideal for certain medical conditions. It is 60% Indica, and you can expect its seeds to come feminized. This strain of marijuana has not only an incredibly high yield but also a very high level of THC.

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Big Bud

Yield: Very high (600/800 gr/m² – 21/28oz/3ft²)
Big Bud (often called California Big Bud) is a classic favorite, and with good reason. This plant has the traits that so many marijuana growers and enthusiasts are looking for: prodigious growth and a desirable high. Big Bud is an indica-dominant strain (85% indica, 15% sativa) with a very fitting name. The strain’s reputation is well warranted because the plant produces large, hulking buds with phenomenal yields, making it an ideal strain for “cash croppers.”

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