Home Grown Weed – LEAF Refrigerator Can Grow Weed Plants in Just Three Months With No Intervention

Potheads rejoice, the days are over of putting UV lights in paint buckets from Home Depot. LEAF is a brand new ‘Plug-N-Plant’ grow system that is designed for convenience and manageability. The system debuted on Wednesday, and is now accepting pre-orders that will eventually ship to the U.S. and Canada. Everything about the LEAF system is an adoption of high tech Apple-esque consumer sleekness, except just applied to marijuana growing.

After a full grow period within the LEAF, up to four ounces of marijuana can be yielded. From PH levels in the soil to the lighting and ventiliation, LEAF manages all the factors that are vital to marijuana growth. These specs can be changed manually, or changed to match certain “recipes” from others or your own invention right from your iPhone. Worried about alerting your roommates to your cannabis endeavors? With a carbon filter present in the ventilation system, the scent is totally controlled.

Growing weed in a sleek manner is going to cost you, though. The LEAF unit starts at $2,990, and the nutrient packs and carbon filters cost $39. Since the carbon filters and nutrient packs need to be replaced after each use, the cost of the upkeep will get up there.

LEAF is accepting pre-orders with a small deposit here, and expects to start shipping in fall of 2017.

  • I think I am all highly looking forward to fall now. And what do you think? .

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