How Much Cannabis on Average Do People Consume?

Marijuana is a relatively commonly used substance in the United States. According to federal government estimates, 22.2 million Americans have used it in the past month and many start using it in their adolescent years.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you probably already know your favorite ways to consume, as well as your personal sweet spot for THC intake. But how often can you put an actual number on the milligrams of THC that get you to your happy place?

It’s hard to say what’s typical—or “normal”—because people smoke in different ways and for different reasons. Here are some of the factors that contribute to how much pot a person consumes in a day.

Smoking vs. Eating

When smoked, THC reaches the bloodstream rapidly after being absorbed by the lungs.

The average dispensary pre-roll,weights 750mg – 1g of cannabis per joint. The average THC concentration in today’s strains is around 12%, which is about 3-4 times as potent as strains a couple decades ago. Using these numbers, this means that your typical pre-roll will have approximately 100mg of THC. Some strains have a THC concentration upwards of 25%.

Caution is advised, and many patients will use one joint over several days for this reason.

Grams will cost anywhere from $5-15 and are the least efficient from a cost perspective, though they’re good for trying a strain before you commit to that full ounce.

Based on the forum responses, it seems like most people consume a gram or less a day.


With edibles, the liver metabolizes the THC — a much slower route. It can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to start feeling the effects, which tend to be stronger and last longer compared to smoking or vaping.

While the typical suggested dosage for low tolerance users is 10 milligrams, new consumers should consider starting with 5 milligrams.

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Recreation vs. Medication

Patients medicating chronic pain are probably going to consume at least a couple of grams a day. Patients who are medicating anxiety may smoke only before they know they are going to encounter a trigger. Or they may smoke all the time to avoid that altogether. Many patients will use one joint over several days for this reason. Some people only smoke socially, while others enjoy life most when they are high.


Beginners may want to start with lower potency products or smoke less. The more pot your smoke and the more frequently, the greater a tolerance your body will build to its effects.

But outside of becoming more tolerant to the effects of THC, are there risks associated with smoking large quantities of pot on a frequent basis?

Cannabis is a psychoactive substance, and there are always risks involved when imbibing, no matter how great or small the quantity.

Daily Dosing In Medical Marijuana


Although there are no exact standards, there are some guidelines offered by respected industry leaders and patterns set by current pharmaceutical companies that have distributed THC products.

A typical single dose of THC may be considered to be 5mg to 10mg. An average daily dose of all cannabinoids totaled may be considered to be 30 mg to 90 mg per day, and would include both THC and CBD. Thus, the average daily dose of only THC might be 15mg to 45mg per patient per day. Doses of over 45 mg per day are not recommended according to the source data. Doses of THC greater than 54 mg per day were noted to cause signs and symptoms of overdose/poisoning. These consisted of acute intoxication produced CB1 agonism-type reactions including dizziness, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, tachycardia or bradycardia with hypotension.

No matter which method you choose to consume cannabis, you’re bound to gain many medicinal and spiritual benefits. As with any recreational substance, always be mindful of dosage and your tolerance to the product. Remember, you can always have more, but it is tough to quickly reverse the effects of overconsumption.

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