How To Boost Your Indoor Cannabis Yield?

In an increasing number of states across the US, you can grow cannabis legally for either recreational or medical purposes! Though cultivation laws vary by state, most establish a maximum plant count, usually around six flowering plants at a time. However, cultivation restrictions do not limit yield on individual plants; you can legally grow a cannabis plant that produces a pound or more of dried product under the right conditions.

Increase cannabis yield growing indoors is a key point for all kind of growers (no matter the size of their gardens). The goal of every cannabis grower when growing indoors is to get the highest cannabis yield possible, to feed themselves with their self-grown marijuana, so not needing to go and buy on the black market to cover their consumption.

Indoor growing is an optimal option for self-consumption. The bud production could be enough, and even higher than what’s needed for the consumption of one person, or even two, without problems. Growing indoors within lights is a great option for those who don’t have a terrace, nor balcony, but they do have a spot in a room of about 1sqm, to grow their plants.

If you want to get the most out of your indoor grow, you should improve the efficiency of your environment, stimulate new branch growth, and see that your plants have the space and nutrition they need to thrive. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Lighting Matters

Lighting is among the most important things you should consider when growing marijuana. It affects its growth both in terms of size and speed, but also plays a crucial role in the quality of the buds.

Many inexperienced growers tend to provide insufficient lighting and suffer poor yields. Note that common household lightbulbs are not sufficient for plant growth. Growers much choose from options light T5 florescent, HID lighting like HPS or MH, or LEDs.

If choosing LEDs, it is important to use powerful, full-spectrum LED grow lights in which the wavelength can be adjusted to best fit the plant’s needs throughout each growth stage. Furthermore, there are other benefits to using this type of lighting, such as energy efficiency, output, and durability.

Of course, intensity doesn’t matter if branches don’t have access to the light in the first place. All buds need direct access to light if they are to grow thick and dense which means that any branch that is to produce colas (the dense buds that everyone wants) needs ample light to thrive. This requires physical manipulation of the plants by holding branches to the sides so that others deep within the plant can receive the light they need, as well.

Tip #2: Your Plants Want to Thrive

As they say, there is a time for low stress training and then there is a time to prune. To encourage your plants to work hard and produce bountiful buds, you may have to “cut off” their resources to get them to work harder. The aforementioned LST has its benefits, but occasionally you will still need to cut parts of your plant. Pruning can be a very efficient method to help your plant produce better yields. In the case of growing marijuana, it is used to remove small and not-very-well looking buds, in order to get fewer, but considerably larger and denser buds. Note that pruning is a process for the vegetation growth stage, otherwise the plant won’t be able to recover and grow stronger.

One way to do this is to “top” your plants by cutting the main stem above established nodes. This will stop the plant from focusing growth on a single branch and instead produce two or more colas from the nodes as a survival mechanism. This also increases light penetration in the center of the plant which we’ve already discussed is super important to plant growth.

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A less traumatic (but just as effective) way to achieve the same result is a method known as “Super Cropping.” In this case, you simply bend the main cola to the side thus slowing the transportation of water and nutrients to the area. Similar to topping, this method stimulates the growth of new colas from nodes near the base of the plant while improving light penetration to the whole plant.

Tip #3: Healthy Plants are Happy Plants

The health of a plant’s root system is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to increasing cannabis plant yield. The roots stabilize the plant and serve as the primary location for water and nutrient absorption. If a plant is to produce ample vegetation, the roots need room to grow, too. General rule is to have at least two gallons of soil per 12 inches of plant.

Tip #4: Provide the proper nutrients

In order to achieve those dense and fat buds, your plants needs some external stimulus in the form of nutrients. You need to give it the right amount for each growth stage, especially when it’s flowering. During the flowering stage, make sure that the nutrients are low on nitrogen but rich in phosphorus and potassium.

It’s not recommended to use a general plant nutrient because most of them are quite heavy on nitrogen, which will lead to the exact opposite results you’re hoping for – small buds.

Tip #5: Harvesting at the right time

Harvesting as soon as you sense the smell and see the buds fattening up is always very tempting, especially considering all the preparation and efforts that go into the growing process. But in order to get the optimum yield, one must be patient and choose the right moment. Of course, waiting too long is also not preferable, as it affects potency.

Your plants are your babies. If you want them to grow into productive plants, it’s important to meet their every need along the way, even if it means a little “tough love” on your part. But with a little extra effort – and a lot of practice – you can grow your indoor cannabis plants into bountiful beauties in only a few short months. Growing marijuana can sometimes be challenging, but producing quality buds can be an even greater task without the proper knowledge base. If you just follow these tips, positive results are likely to follow. The more you put to practice what you’ve taken away from this list, the better your yields will be.

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