How to Choose the Right Pot for Your Marijuana Plant?

Selecting the optimal growing containers for weed isn’t always easy and straight forward. While you may be able to get by with the ol’ flower pot for your first grow, you want to choose the right growing containers, that provide for optimal growth and healthy plants. The type of pot directly affects the health of the root system, which in turn is decisive for the correct development of the plant. Healthy roots allow the plant to feed and hydrate properly.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the right pot, and making a smart selection will depend on a few questions:

  • Which pot will best serve the needs of your plant?
  • How much space do you have available in your garden?
  • How much time do you have available for maintenance?

Answering these three questions will help guide you to the perfect pot, so let’s take a look at what factors you should consider and the options available to you.

Types of Pots


Garden centers and grow supply chains offer different pots that vary by material composition, shape, size, and perforation style.

Traditional Plastic Container

Standard plastic containers are a popular option for growers operating on a budget. These pots are inexpensive, but still provide the essentials for your plants.

Ceramic Containers

Otherwise known as terra-cotta, ceramic containers offer a unique set of benefits to growers in hot climates.

Fabric Containers

A relatively new innovation in container gardening, fabric pots offer many benefits when it comes to building healthy root systems. Roots in fabric pots grow to the outer edges and attempt to bypass the porous fabric wall. Instead, they are cut back, allowing new growth to occur. This process, called “air-pruning,” results in denser root composition which promotes healthy growth and development.

Air Pots

Air pots play on the same air pruning technique as fabric pots, only these tend to be sturdier as they are manufactured using harder materials.

Other Pot Varieties

There are several more options to choose from aside from the four container types mentioned. These include hydroponic setups like rockwool cubes, encased flood and drain basins, and various bucket systems.

For soil growing, many growers opt for larger grow medium reservoirs such as no-till trays. These systems are intended for plants to grow in minimally tampered environments that promote microbiological ecosystems to develop around the root balls. While only loosely regarded as container options, these systems work very well for their intended purposes, and can produce impressive results if used properly.

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What Is Perfect Pot Size For A Marijuana Plant?

  • Small pots (between 0.5 and 2L): these pots are usually used for planting once the seeds are germinated or for rooting cuttings, so they will be the first pot of our plant’s life cycle.
  • 3.5L pot: used for the growth phase indoors or directly after germination of the seeds outdoors. Once the root system has occupied the entire pot, one of greater capacity must be transplanted.
  • 5.5L pot: used mainly for indoor crops and for the first stages of outdoor growth.
  • 7L pot: one of the most common in indoor growing, where they are also used for flowering stage. It is also used to perform transplants from 3.5 pots in outdoor culture.
  • 11L pot: this is the maximum size that we should use for indoor crops. It is used outdoors to perform transplants from 7L pot during the growth stage. It can also be used for growing autoflowering varieties.
  • Flowerpot of 18,19 or 20L: it is the ideal capacity for the culture of autoflowering plants since these should not be transplanted and its capacity leaves enough space for a correct development of the root system. They are also used outdoors for transplants from 11L pots.
  • 40L pot: these pots/containers have a larger capacity and are intended for outdoor cultivation. They are equipped with handles for easy transport.
  • 50L pot: For those who are outgrown by the other pots, you can choose the 50L pot, made primarily for growing season varieties outdoors, where you will get plants of medium / high structure.

The pots must be the right size for your plants: if they are too small, the root system will not be able to develop and the plant will not grow properly and if they are too large and use more substrate than we need, which will increase the cost of cultivation, the root system of the plants tends to occupy the bottom and edges of the pot so it would leave a lot of space unused.

The roots tend to grow downward, sideways and deep, so most pots have an elongated rather than wide shape, which will guarantee a more extensive root system.

Remember that all the pots must have a drainage system to eliminate excess water. You can complement your pots with other accessories such as plates and trays to help collect the leftover water.



Choosing the right sized pot for your cannabis plant is important for providing it a healthy space to develop. It shouldn’t be a chore to figure out what size pot you need, or even how to go about the transplant method, but it does merit some thought and care. While going about choosing a new pot, you will want to consider which pot will best suit your plant, how much space you have in your garden, how much time are you willing to put into maintenance. Taking these considerations into account is helpful because it lets you determine how you will prioritize the critical factors in your plant’s root development. At the end of the day, all your plant wants is a healthy space for their roots to develop.

Always make sure you choose the right products for the crop you are going to grow. A correct decision helps to avoid future problems.

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