How To Cure Your Fresh Cannabis Buds In Water Just In One Day?

Traditionally, the curing process occurs after the drying process and involves the storage of dried flowers within jars. This is done to ripen the buds, allowing them to break down residual sugars and salts that lead to those undesirable tastes when lit up. Although this process is tried, tested, and effective, there is a method that is both faster and more thorough.

Why Would I Want To Water Cure Cannabis?

When you harvest your weed, the buds still have all sorts of nastiness in them. Stuff like nutrients and sugars.  If you grow organic, in theory, none of this should actually be bad for you, as far as I know.  But, it tastes nasty.  You definitely want to get rid of this stuff.

The water cure has only recently come to light as a widely accepted form of curing (mostly because of this thread). Water curing uses osmosis to flush out the chemicals, chlorophyl, pesticides, pests, and anything else you would rather not be smoking. The water cure is also very fast (about 7 days) with optimal quality (as compared to 30 days air curing), and as well does not stink like an air cure does. Water-cured buds are also more potent than air-cured (however there is proportional weight loss to potency increase).

THC is not water soluable, and the bud is protected from air/light, enabling potency to be maintained at it’s highest levels, while the nasty chemicals are flushed out. Some growers report being able to add nutes all the way up to their harvest date because the water cure takes care of the built up chemicals.

Because of its speed, stealth and clean taste, water cure is very inviting to most non-commercial growers. The commercial grower might not be attracted to the water cure, as the weight of the bud is diminished.

Water cure can also be attractive to those smoking/cooking with suspect cannabis (schwag), pest infested bud, unflushed bud, etc.

The Pros And Cons Of Water Curing

Water curing marijuana with clean water has advantages and disadvantages that you should know of beforehand.

It is the fastest method to cure your bud as compared to traditional weed curing. Water curing removes a lot more unwanted solids, which means that the smoke will be very smooth and therefore healthier. Since water curing removes more undesired substances, it will also make for a much more potent final product.

The downside of water curing is that it can also remove substances that are responsible for flavor and aroma, which means you will sacrifice some smell and taste of your weed for more potency. On the other hand, water curing can be ideal for those strains that are known for a not so pleasant or harsh taste, where the loss of flavor wouldn’t be as important.

How To Water Cure?

Before beginning the water curing process, you’ll need to obtain fresh water and a decent-sized jar. Distilled water is preferable, as it is free of any potential contamination.

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Next, take your harvest and begin to clean up your flowers by trimming off the leaves and stems. These can be kept to create hash later on down the line. Now, take your manicured buds and place them within your jar. Pour your distilled water into the jar until it’s full. The flowers will float to the surface, so it’s important to keep the jar full and the buds submerged.

Normally, you water cure in sealed jars. Take a glass jar, like the kind you use for jar curing. Fill it with water and bud then close it tight. Change the water once a day for 5-7 days then strain out the water. Dry in a typical fashion (being extra careful about mold, since any lingering water droplets can increase the chance of contamination). That’s it! It takes 5 to 8 days, which is a lot better than the 10 to 18 days normal curing takes.

This method leaves your bud with very little taste or smell. It tastes flat, not even grassy. The smoke has very little smell and is not discernibly marijuana. And, it’s smoootthhhh.

Her is the tweak how to water cure really fast! Instead of soaking it a sealed jar, I suggested using running water. The idea is that a continuous stream of water will cure faster. Think of it this way; when you change the water at the end of the day, that water is pretty saturated. Saturated water doesn’t absorb new minerals as well as clean water does. When you have a convection current, you’re guaranteeing clean water all the time. This is why you want a running fan in your grow room, instead of just airing it out once a day.

You want to use a very thin stream, just a small trickle of water coming in. The water should be cool, but not cold. You want it cold enough that it doesn’t wilt the leaves, but not so cold that it makes the trichomes brittle. And you need just the smallest trickle of water. Too fast and you’ll agitate the trichomes and some will fall off. 8 hours is all it needs, maybe 10 if your buds are very dense or large.

Water curing produces some of the smoothest smoke available. In fact, water curing is so successful at mellowing flavors that, for many, the resulting buds are considered to be too smooth for proper enjoyment – an effect that is welcome when faced with unpleasantly-flavored weed.

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