How To Earn Money From Weed, Without Selling It?

You’re reading this because; a) You know a thing or two about weed, b) Want to legally make money from it ,or c) both. Well most of us want to make money, and if you can do it from such an amazing product, then you’re not alone.

Ok, if you’re like me, then you want to spend more time with your beloved Mary Jane and avoid the hustle and bustle of a daily commute to a boring dead-end job. For others, making money online means being able to be your own boss!

Now you may be asking yourself; can I really make money online? and from weed? Well, yes, it’s possible. It’s not easy, but it is possible. In the next few articles, we’re going to show you some of the weirdest ways you can make money from weed, WITHOUT actually selling it.

Money Making Method #1 – Shoutouts

Most of us today are constantly on our phones, taking pictures of the most random things, the different strains we smoke, the way we look after a joint and other creative things we’re doing with our beloved MJ. You’ve probably even taken a few damn good selfies in the past. Pics that people looked at and said; “Wow that’s beautiful” or “You are completely crazy”.

Well, if you’re photogenic or simply a natural photographer, then Shoutouts could be the method for you. It’s easier said than done, but once you accomplish it, you can make 5 digit numbers and sometimes even more.

What are Shoutouts?

Shoutouts are basically an Instagram term for publishing someone else’s photo on your page. You are basically shouting out someone else’s picture and drawing your followers attention to other people’s pages, asking your followers to follow them.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Well, this is a tough one, Instagram doesn’t really like Shoutouts but they won’t ban you for it. Plus, Shoutouts are becoming so popular that you can even find big brands and marketplaces that do them or sell them.

As this is a newish concept, prices are not fixed, so it really depends on the amount of followers you have, the activity on your account and the niche you’re in. The main idea is to have a great page concept around a certain niche. One that people will love. For example, you might decide to take pictures of different strains under a lovely sunset. People love stuff like that! Or if you are into body art, some girls are raking it in, putting up pictures of their weed tattoos (or any tattoo).

We’ve seen shoutouts sold for $2 per 1000 followers. So if you have 10,000 followers on Instagram, which is not hard to achieve, you can make $20 for each shoutout. Shoutout a few times a week and you’re already pocketing around $100.

Large accounts with tons of followers make thousands and those who have multiple accounts, each with a different concept, stand to make much more. Imagine having 10 accounts, each with a million followers. You could make a fortune.

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Why do you need a concept?

The thing with Instagram is that you need to build a community. Basically, you first need to get followers. Sure you can post your pics, but if you don’t have people liking them and following you, advertisers aren’t going to approach you, so you need to create a buzz around your page. The steps would be like this:

Round up a few great pics and create an Instagram account. Try to create an account around a specific concept. It should not be your personal account. For example, on the picture above you can see that the concept is around hearts made of weed.
Start to follow people. They will follow you back. Try to keep a balance between followers and the people you are following.
Build up followers. There are a few hidden techniques to speed up the process, but for that, you will have to contact us.
Continue to upload great pics and drive engagement. The more engagement, the more you can make.
Once you’ve hit 20k-40k followers, you are ready to rock and roll. You can start to shoutout.
Maintain your Instagram account and make sure you do stuff that is LEGAL. (Body art, funny pics, stuff that won’t get you suspended, no nudity or illegal stuff)

A Word of Warning

I wouldn’t base your whole income on this and invest a great deal of time doing it. It is great for some extra pocket money and not hard work.

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