How To Extract CBD?

CBD oil has zoomed into a global spotlight over the last few years. This is because of the efficacy of the cannabinoid in treating certain severe medical conditions. The great news? It is easy to extract at home. Just like THC, it can be dissolved from the bud and plant leaves into fat and alcohol based liquids.

Just like THC, the best extraction fats are butter, olive and coconut oil. CBD is showing up in either “health drinks” if not other canna-cuisine of the non-psychoactive variety. As people are learning about the benefits of CBD, they are getting creative. Extracting the CBD with an alcohol-based substance can create other options for use.

It is possible to extract CBD oil from either a hemp plant or medical marijuana. There are differences in the CBD oil produced from these plants. The main difference between the two, and the most important, is the amount of CBD and THC found in the oil produced. For legality purposes, many CBD products are extracted from the stalks and stems of industrial hemp plants which are cannabis plants with 0.3% THC or less so they qualify as “industrial hemp”.

The choice of how to extract your CBD really depends on personal choice. The extraction medium does not seem to affect how cannabinoids work once they encounter the human body. Further, CBD can be either internally or topically consumed to have both medical and overall health effect. When extracting CBD into an alcohol-based tincture, this is better for consuming without cooking. This is because heat can burn off both cannabinoids and alcohol. Alcohol-based extractions are great for use in drinks (from smoothies to tea).

Oil method


1 cup of carrier oil example 25% almond oil, 50% virgin type of olive oil or 25% coconut oil.
14 grams of organic leaves and buds of CBD.


  • Use a coffee grinder which grinds the stems, leaves, and buds of the cannabis plant, but follow the most important step to decarboxylate the buds and leaves before For decarboxylation, bake the ground leaves and buds for 90-100 minutes at 220degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place the cannabis plant in the glass jar containing the oil.
  • Tightly cover the lid on it.
  • Place a washrag in a saucepan and put the glass jar into the pan.
  • Add 2-3 inches of water in the saucepan.
  • Boil the water for around 200 degrees and let it boil for approximately 3 hours. If the water starts getting too low, then add more water to the pot to prevent water from drying.
  • Shake the glass jar few times after 1 hour but be careful as the jar would be extremely hot.
  • After it has been 3 hours, turn the flame and place a towel covering the pot.
  • Allow the glass jar to cool for further 3 hours.
  • Now repeat.
  • Allow the jar to sit in the pan, covering it with a towel.
  • Repeat the process for three days which makes a stronger oil. However, you can also use the product after a day.
  • Strain the oil along with the herbs through a cheesecloth into another glass jar. Be sure to squeeze the cloth to get every last drop out of the hemp.

Alcohol method


30 grams of ground Cannabis buds.
4litres of alcohol.


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Ceramic or glass bowl
A fine strainer example sieve, cheesecloth
Double boiler
Catchment container
Silicon spatula, wooden spoon, plastic syringe or funnel


  1. Arrange the equipment and clean the working area before you start CBD oil preparation.
    Cover the cannabis plant in a bowl entirely with alcohol and keep stirring for 3-6 minutes with the help of a wooden spoon for expelling the resin. Make sure that the container can hold the raw material and the solvent.
  2. Use a sieve for filtering the solvent and collect the raw extraction in a container, squeeze as much liquid as possible.
    You can repeat the filtering and squeeze process while using a new batch of alcohol solvent to extract as much CBD oil as possible.
  3. Pour the extracted liquid in a double boiler and heat it up till it starts to bubble. Allow the alcohol to evaporate without raising the temperature.
    Keep the flame at low heat and allow the mixture to simmer for 15-30 minutes gently. Keep stirring and avoid the liquid to get heated up.
    When the alcohol has completely evaporated, mix the extracted fluid and scrap it with the help of a silicon spatula.
  4. Transfer the concentrated CBD oil in a storage bottle or choose a dosage container before the CBD oil gets cold and thick with time.
    Draw the CBD oil in a plastic syringe and place it in a dark, small, airtight containers. You can portion the dosage by squeezing a small amount of CBD oil from the plastic syringe or by using a small spoon or toothpicks.
    The CBD oil extraction with the help of grain alcohol is the safe and efficient method, highly suitable for ingestion.

Decide which method you want to utilize the CBD oil preparation. Choose the one which works best for you.

Choosing A Strain

It is a good idea to vape a sample of a new strain and see if there are any unwanted side effects.  By using a vape, effects wear off in about an hour, while oil taken orally lasts 8 or so hours.  High-CBD strains -clones give the most consistent high-CBD values, but high-CBD strains from seed are giving increasingly stable CBD : THC ratios.  Approximate THC and CBD values for popular strains

  • Cannatonic CBD 15%, THC 1%
  • Remedy CBD 14%, THC 0.6%
  • AC/DC CBD 20%, THC 1%
  • Harlequin CBD 15%, THC 5%
  • Sour Tsunami CBD 12%, THC 6%
  • Charlotte’s Web CBD 15% , THC 5%

Advantages of making your own CBD oil

  • The quality of the product is controlled. You can choose the strains according to your requirements.
  • You can prepare a product which can use for local conditions or consumed for internal medical conditions.
  • The CBD oil can be produced at a relatively low price.
  • You can add or omit the ingredients accordingly in your CBD oil preparation.

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