How To Get Stoned Discreetly?

While marijuana is becoming legalized on a global scale, some people still aren’t into it.

Even in states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, there are still plenty of situations where smoking a joint or hitting a vape pen will not fly.

Before legalization, discretion was difficult. We smoked, we reeked-up the place, and we got very baked. But now, weed no longer must come in baggies, and be destined for smoke. We have edibles. We have vapes. We have transdermal patches, sublinguals and even inhalers.

Getting high never before enjoyed so many discreet options. Try these tips when you need to keep your toking habits on the down-low!



It can’t go without mentioning that edibles are one of the stealthiest ways of getting stoned. Eat a loaded brownie or a few gummy bears before the festivities, but try to time it so you’re not stoned until people crack open their Christmas ales—that way, nobody will notice your red eyes. Of course, if you don’t have access to retail goodies of that caliber, don’t try and make them at your parents’ house.

Use a Vaporizer

Vaping dried herb or oils produces a way more discreet smell than combusting weed. The fragrance is soft and muted, rather than pungent and burnt. Plus, it disperses way faster and won’t cling to your hair or clothing quite as bad. After a few minutes, it’ll still be noticeable, but it doesn’t have an overt cannabis aroma.

Most portable vapes look discreet too. They’re small and can be explained away as an electronic cigarette. If you want something really stealthy, use pre-filled vape carts. Most are made from THC isolates, so all the natural weed smell is gone. They smell just like standard e-liquids.



Want to combine weed, pleasure, and romance? Weed infused massage oils will get you relaxed and high. For the adventurous, there are weed infused lubes. Don’t forget the weed chocolates to make it a perfect night!


Capsules containing cannabis oil are quite convenient, and they may be the stealthiest method in this list. You can make them yourself, then put them in an old bottle of vitamins, or try to pass it as headache medication. Your wife’s parents won’t suspect a thing. They will, of course, look different from regular pills upon close inspection. But whoever asks to inspect another person’s pills?

Use a One-Hitter

A one-hitter is almost as good as a vape. And, in some cases, it’s better. It doesn’t need a working battery to deliver enough smoke to get nicely high. One-hitters hold onto most of the smell, and they’re usually designed to look like a normal cigarette.

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Cannabis tinctures are easy to make and easy to buy. The application method involves placing drops of the tincture under your tongue in order for your body to absorb it. Not exactly the most discreet method, but it looks medical enough that people might just assume you are using medication. Dropping a tincture is also easy to do during a quick trip to the bathroom.

You can add your tincture to one of your drinks, like water, coffee, or juice. The effect will be slower, but it will still have potency. You can do the same with CBD, by the way.

These are some of the best ways to get a buzz if you don’t like to smoke or if smoking is not an option.

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