How To Get Your Parents To Smoke Weed With You

Knowledge is power. Cannabis has been taboo for your parents entire lives. Even during the 1970s, cannabis was a rebel activity. It’s only very, very recently that stigma about the herb is evaporating. Are your parents in some serious need of a little herbal therapy? Though the public is lightening up about weed, many are still a little wary of the herb. If you really wish your parents would get off your back and try some themselves, here are some tips on how to get your parents to smoke weed.

Share some info

If your parents have been closed off from the idea thus far, they probably don’t really know much about the plant or what it does. You can educate them. Find some resources online, print them out, and have a chat.

It’s really important to let your parents know why you think cannabis can help them, especially if they are elderly or suffering from too much stress or a medical ailment. It’s also important to get to know what concerns they have about the herb and let them know how they can overcome or avoid those issues.

Here are a few of introductory articles to get you started:

Slowly introduce random cannabis products

Cannabis topicals anyone? What about some fresh “green” juice? Hell, even having some hemp seeds around might be nice. Pull a classic marketing trick and do some product placement. Seeing more cannabis products around will help the plant seem more normal, less foreign and exotic.

Though cannabis is just a herb, people have been conditioned to see it as an illicit drug. To peel off decades of that stigma, you need to play up the fact that it can be a normal part of everyday life.

Start with them easy

Perhaps your parents were total hippies back in the day. Modern cannabis is totally different from what they were smoking. It’s far more powerful now and a bad experience with cannabis that’s too potent for them can very quickly ruin their openness about the herb altogether. Start with some extremely mild strains or products. Things with a THC content of 15% or less are a good place to begin.

Better yet, offer a high-CBD strain. A lot of people really dislike the high that THC causes, so they avoid the plant altogether. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can reap many of the herb’s profound medical benefits with CBD. The non-psychoactive cannabinoid is still fantastic for promoting relaxation and easing stress, pain, and anxiety.

If your parents are over-worked and have a history of being hard on their bodies, CBD can really lend a helping hand without producing intoxication.

Make it seem normal

Once your parents have opened up to the idea a bit, making the smoking environment comfy and relaxed is key. Your parents might feel weird about doing a “drug” with their now-grown child, so you have to do some extra work to normalize the activity.

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Be casual about it. It’s no big deal. Confidence and nonchalance are key. The more comfortable you look and seem with the activity, the more comfortable others will inevitably become.

Consuming cannabis is like an adult right of passage these days. It’s already common for your parents to buy you a drink on your 21st birthday, why not bond over a little herbal stress reduction instead? We all know that cannabis is safer than alcohol.

Make weed a bonding activity betwen you and your parents

Spending some time lounging by the river this summer? Out for a relaxing hike? Bring a vape along! If your parents are still timid about the whole thing, start by having a puff or two yourself without shame. Kindly offer to share.

Getting a little silly is a great way to take your relationship with your parents to a new level. Sadly to say, a regular ol’ hike may not inspire many lifelong memories or meaningful conversations. But, a stoned hike? You might find yourselves giggling about the first time mom got high and took a walk for a long time. Those memories are priceless.

If they dont want to smoke, try with vape

If your parents aren’t used to smoking, you don’t want to make them feel like an idiot by inducing an uncomfortable and embarrassing coughing fit. Vaporization is a great way to deliver a nice, relaxing high without the risks associated with smoking. Vapor is also much, much easier on the throat.

Don’t try and slip weed in their food or drinks but you can try edibles

Ok, so don’t slip your parents some cannabis lemonade without them knowing. That’s just cruel and practically begs for an uncomfortable canna-induced panic attack. The point here is that there are TONS of cannabis products out there nowadays.

If smoking or vaping is too reminiscent of drug culture for your parents, change the way the herb is presented. Making a little “cocktail” out of some cannabis soda or juice is very similar to making an alcoholic beverage. The effects are just a little different.

If your parents are total newbs or haven’t smoked in 20 years, definitely avoid mixing alcohol and cannabis at first. Being crossfaded might be a little too extreme for the lighthearted. Other edibles might also be a great way to introduce the herb. The only word of caution is that edibles are significantly more powerful than smokable cannabis. So, be mindful of the dose and don’t totally knock out your folks.

Other edibles might also be a great way to introduce the herb. The only word of caution is that edibles are significantly more powerful than smokable cannabis. So, be mindful of the dose and don’t totally knock your folks.

There’s nothing quite like bonding over a little cannabis. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will get your family to chill out and try some herb. After all, once you’ve experienced the gifts the plant can offer, there’s no going back.

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