How To Grow a Cannabis Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are very intriguing little creatures, because they resemble tiny trees, with tiny leaves, and live for a very long time. To thrive, bonsai trees need to be consistently groomed, watered and receive the love that they deserve. The magic of growing bonsai trees is the minimal amount of soil, that they require to thrive. Small pots with little soil is the way of the bonsai.

You can train a cannabis plant to grow into pretty much any shape you can imagine. And if you do it right, you can train your plant to look just like a real life bonsai tree. The only difference is that your bonsai tree will get you high!
Along with just being a fun way to grow, this approach to cultivating marijuana actually has a number of different benefits.

When the plant grows, you need to shape the growth by tying down the side branches, so that they grow in desired directions. If you’re deprived of “ganja branch shaping ideas”, just roll one, smoke one, and listen to your spiritual insides. Now, the main branch can also be shaped in crazily creative ways. You can put a stick down in the soil and tie the branch in desired directions, so it grows around the stick; it will create a swirly picturesque stem. There are many architectural construction methods, that can be implemented, just remember not to keep the branches too close to each other, otherwise, the leaves won’t get the light they require, and mold might occur.

Everything You Need To Know To Grow Autoflower Cannabis Indoors
Since marijuana is an annual plant, we usually harvest the entire plant after the flowering is done and plant new plants for the next “season” either from clones or seeds, although it is possible to keep the plant alive to produce flowering after flowering on the same stem. Here’s how it’s done. After the plant is ready to be cut down, you simply take off the top ⅓ of the plant, where all the big buds grow. The middle ⅓; trim all the old yellow leaves and keep the green fan leaves. The lower ⅓ of the plant needs to be untouched, although cleared from any yellow leaves. The lower ⅓ of the plant will have tiny buds, keep them, it’s crucial to keep the small buds, because they will kick-start the regeneration process.Once this is done, set the plant into the vegetative state; give the plant 18+ hours light and provide a decent amount of nitrogen to induce the vegetation process. Also, consider that the plant will not need as much water as in the flowering stage, so just water once, and wait until it dries.This rejuvenation process is perfect for creating a great bonsai masterpiece. There are many debates if this technique should be used to create really dank buds, due to the potential decrease of potency after every flowering.
Imagine bending and training the plant, which will grow in intriguing directions; imagine growing a bonsai ganja plant with a twirly and fat stem; it would look legendary. So, create your own bonsai cannabis tree and cleanse your soul with the dankness, that it shall provide.
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