How to Grow Cannabis Sativa?

Growing your own cannabis is a fun and inexpensive way to put high-quality buds in your jar. Marijuana is a hardy plant that can grow in a wide range of climates, in greenhouses or indoors all year round. Understanding the fundamentals of cannabis growing is a good place to start your marijuana growing journey. Making informed decisions early will maximise your end yields. These seven basic steps will give you an excellent knowledge base to become an expert marijuana gardener.

Sativa-dominant genetics may be more effective for treating specific conditions versus indica and kush selections. For recreational tokers, the highly psychoactive with no-ceiling-to keep-you-down experience is fun and giddy stuff; especially for summer time social fun.

While the contemporary Sativa strains can still grow to become 3m+ trees outdoors, especially in a Mediterranean climate, hybridization and selective breeding have reduced flowering times and made buds denser.

There are also some other advantages that sativa strains have. Firstly, they don’t require much time in veg, when you pay the most for powering your lights and cooling. Sativas can produce a LOT of growth in the early budding phase. For example, a 12-inch tall sativa plant entering the bud lighting cycle (12/12) can easily finish at four feet tall with lots of branches that support full buds of glistening calyx. Sativas tend to have less leaf at maturity versus indicas, although they are typically not as dense when dried and cured.

Sativa-dominant strains tend to tolerate warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels versus indica strains during budding, making them a suitable choice for growing indoors during summer months when cooling capabilities become more intensive using grow lights.

When started from seed, sativa strains will seemingly stay rather squat in veg. Don’t get fooled and run out of vertical space later on. A lot of sativa growth will explode when the light cycle changes to budding. More root space will stimulate more growth potential, so choose your container size appropriately. Five or ten gallon sizes support healthy growth rates through budding.

Sativas like LOTS of light intensity. The more you give, the better they respond, so long as temperatures don’t exceed past 85 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is maintained at 55-65 percent RH.

Light to medium fertilisation is typically all that is required. Wild flavours abound from candy to forest fruits when it comes to fine Sativa’s. Water regularly, but careful not to over fertilizer: sativas have a delicate bouquet that can be diminished with fertilizer build up.

Different kinds of plants like different kinds of nutrients in their soil, and cannabis plants are known to have a bit of a sweet tooth. Adding a source of sugar, such as unsulphured molasses, can boost the microbes that help your plants grow, resulting in higher yields.

This technique also has a bonus effect of making the flavor of fruity strains pop.

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If left to their own devices, plants can grow up spindly and weak. With deliberate pruning and shaping, though, gardeners can encourage denser growth and higher yields. Whatever you’re growing—fruit, herbs, roses, or cannabis—you need to prune early and often to get maximum growth.

A traditional pruning regimen, also known as defoliation, begins as soon as the plant starts to get bushy, and involves both removing lower leaves that aren’t receiving light or are dying off and pinching new growth at the top. Continuing this process during the two or three weeks that follow will set up your grow for long-term abundance.

Proper pruning will maximize yields for all strains, but some plants respond especially well to a little training—even sativas, which tend to be less leaf-dense than their indica relatives.

Sativas tend to do most of their essential oil production at ripening. To help bring your strains to maturity quicker, try shortening the day lengths to eight hours ON during the final weeks before harvest is anticipated.

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