How To Hide Weed In Your Car Successfuly

Whether it be the police, your mom, or even your boss, most of us have, at some point, hidden our stash in our cars. Here are some great ideas for keeping the smell unnoticeable, and the goods out of sight!

Step 1. Smell-proof containers

Local dispensaries will often sell special plastic zip locks that were specifically made for covering the smell of their products, be it wax or flower. These are great because they are only as bulky as the products they are protecting, meaning the hiding process is much easier.

Another long time favorite is the humble mason jar. These bad boys can hold more cannabis than you need, all while offering smell protection at the highest level. Not only do they get the job done, but they also act as a nice showcase of your flower, often highlighting the characteristics of your strain for all to see.

If you find yourself without any of the previously mentioned options for smell proofing, many household items can be turned into stash holder without breaking the bank. People have used Tupperware containers, Pringles cans, old soda bottles, and even deodorant sticks. Get creative, because you never know when that creativity could save you from an awkward conversation with your mother in law, or even help you avoid a possession charge.

Step 2. Finding the perfect spot

Finding the perfect spot to hide your bud in your car can be a fun experience. Once you find the ideal hiding spot, it should become second nature to always keep it in the same place. You will always know where it is, but no one else will.

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Considering most cars have different storage options in different places, there are some spots that all cars will have for hiding. Here are some generic spots that will be effective on most vehicles.

  • Spare tire storage in the trunk or under the vehicle
  • Behind exterior car panels (be careful)
  • Middle console
  • Under a slide out cup holder tray
  • Under the hood (wherever makes the most sense on your vehicle)
  • Inside the gas cap

Remember that these are just suggestions, and you are the ultimate judge as to which spot will be perfect for your vehicle. Take some time to figure out the perfect hiding area in your car, so when the time comes to quickly hide the stash, you will already know where it will be going.

  • Do you know of any more? Leave a comment below.

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