How to Make Cannabis Hash Oil?

Edible hash oil can be made from inexpensive cannabis sources like home-grown medical cannabis buds or “trim.” Trim is a name for the leaves and stems that are left over after harvest of cannabis buds. The cannabinoids which make cannabis buds effective as medicine are present in smaller amounts on the trim, yet many growers throw the trim away because it is not suitable for smoking. The process of creating edible hash oil (as explained on this page) is effective at concentrating these cannabinoids into usable medicine. Therefore, growers can turn their trim into edible hash oil instead of throwing all the leaves and stems away, which means these growers are getting more medicine from each harvest. If you live in an area where cannabis is legal, you may be able to find a grower who will give or cheaply sell you their trim. Many medical cannabis patients also choose to grow their own cannabis. A little effort can save you a lot of money.

Set up your work area and have all of your materials together. Choose a well lit area and a solid work surface that can easily be cleaned up. Make sure there is nothing near you that can ignite the alcohol fumes.

List Of Materials

  • funnels: Funnels are placed on the containers that the marijuana/alcohol mixture will be poured in to filter it.
  • strainers: Kitchen sink strainers were utilized for the filtration system in the images on this page. You will need 4 of them.
  • marijuana: You can work with marijuana buds, bud trim or any other part of the marijuana plant that has a worthwhile cannabinoid content.
  • containers: You will need a container for mixing the marijuana and alcohol in. For this batch of hash oil an 8 ounce glass measuring cup was used.
  • heat source: A heat source will be required to evaporate alcohol. For working outdoors, an electric griddle with temperature control will serve the purpose well. A rice cooker will also work well.
  • coffee filters: Coffee filters are needed for the filtration system.
  • storage container: If you are not going to consume the hash oil right away, you will need some type of storage container.
  • well lit work area: Choose a well lit area and a solid work surface that can easily be wiped up. Make sure there is nothing that can ignite the alcohol fumes near your work area.
  • spoon or stirring rod: You will need a spoon, stirring rod, or something similar for stirring up materials.
    99% isopropyl alcohol 99% isopropyl alcohol is the solvent recommended for medical hash oil.
  • glass scraper with clean blade: The material trapped by the coffee filters is very potent. When the used coffee filters dry, collect the material lightly passing over the filter with something like a glass scraper.

Be very careful, alcohol can extract harmful chemicals from some types of plastic, and similar materials like rubber. When working with alcohol, make sure that it only comes into contact with ceramic, glass, porcelain, stainless steel, paper … 7 grams of ground marijuana buds will be put in a measuring cup or other container, mixed with enough alcohol to totally submerge it, then stirred. The alcohol will dissolve THC, CBD, and other alcohol soluble cannabinoids. The mixture of alcohol and cannabinoids will then be poured through the filtration system to remove plant material and other impurities. This is called the first flush. To remove any remaining cannabinoids, the same marijuana from the first flush will be mixed with another batch of clean alcohol and poured into the second filter. This is called the second flush. After being flushed twice, the marijuana can be discarded. This can be repeated, removing the coffee filters and replacing them with new ones, in 7 gram batches until all the marijuana you want to convert to hash oil has been processed. After that, the filtered alcohol/cannabinoid mixture that remains will be heated to evaporate the alcohol until all that is left is clean potent hash oil. Before you start, make sure to grind the marijuana and be sure both filters are setup properly, being balanced and stable so they will stay in place and filter the alcohol when it is poured into them.

 First Flush

Ground MJ In Container

Put marijuana into a container.  You could mix the alcohol and marijuana in a smaller container (like a glass) that you might have available.

Pour Enough Alcohol To Cover The Ground Buds

Add enough alcohol to cover the marijuana. The marijuana must be completely submerged by the alcohol in order to extract all the active ingredients. However, it is best not to add more alcohol than is required to submerge the plant material. More alcohol is not necessary and will increase the time it takes for the alcohol to evaporate.

  • Stir Alcohol And Marijuana For 2-3 Minutes Stir for 2-3 minutes.
  • You can use a spoon or something similar to do the stirring. A glass stirring rod was employed for this example.
  • Limit the time the marijuana is in the alcohol to 2-3 minutes per flush.
  • If the mj is left in the alcohol for too long, less desirable water soluble chemicals are extracted in larger quantities.

 Pour Into First Filter

Limit the amount of plant material that gets into the filter by placing a strainer over the top of the mixing container when you are pouring it in. Instead of a strainer, you can use something else that will serve the purpose. The marijuana will be flushed with alcohol for a second time, so you want it all to remain in the mixing container.

Let The Alcohol/Marijuana Mixture Flow Through The Filter Wait for it to filter through. It took about 15 minutes for the 2.5 oz/74 ml of alcohol, needed to submerge 7 grams of bud for the first flush, to flow through the coffee filter shown here. This is the end of the first flush. While it is being filtered, the marijuana that was just mixed with alcohol and filtered should be flushed a second time by repeating the process with clean alcohol immediately.

Second Flush

  • Keep marijuana in the same container.
  • Add enough alcohol to cover the marijuana.
  • Stir for 2-3 minutes.
  •  Pour into the second filter.

This time pour the contents into the second filter. When pouring the mixture into the second filter, pour all the plant material as well as the alcohol in. Lift Strainer So Alcohol In The Wet Plant Material Will Drip Into Filter When the liquid is flowing through the second filter, you can speed the filtering time by raising the strainer with the plant material over the liquid in the filter. This will allow you to extract remaining liquid out of the wet marijuana. After all the liquid has passed through the filters, the marijuana can be discarded. If you are going to make more hash oil, remove the coffee filters from both filtration systems and replace with new filters. You can keep repeating this process for each batch of marijuana you want to make into hash oil. Use the same containers and filtration system each time, making sure to change the coffee filters for each new batch. When making more than a single batch, keep the alcohol and marijuana for later batches in the freezer where they will stay cold, until they are ready to use. If you leave them out, the alcohol and marijuana will get warm. The warmer they get, the more the water soluble materials get extracted into the hash oil.

Let the used coffee filters dry, making sure not to loose any of the contents. When the used coffee filters dry, you can collect the material that has accumulated on them.

Collecting Material On The Coffee Filter With A Glass Scraper

If you ground the marijuana into fairly large particles, rather than fine powder, the material in the coffee filters is mostly trichomes. They are very potent and can be smoked, or if you have enough made into kiff butter. Put one of the dry coffee filters on a hard surface, like a table, and lightly pass over the filter with something like a glass scraper.

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Evaporating The Alcohol

When all the liquid has passed through the filters, and you are finished with all the marijuana you want to process, it is time to evaporate the alcohol. You can mix the contents of the two containers or you can evaporate them separately. The liquid in the first flush container is the better of the two. By keeping them separate you will have 2 grades of hash oil. To evaporate the alcohol you will need a heat source and something to put the alcohol in while it is on the heat source. A cooking pot, pyrex dish, or some other type of vessel that can be heated is good for this purpose. Some people employ a rice cooker, while others choose a double boiler so the alcohol is not heated directly. The boiling point of isopropyl alcohol is 180.7°F/82.6°C and the boiling point of ethyl alcohol is 173.1°F/78.4°C. So a heat source that can provide a higher temperature than the boiling point of the solvent you have is needed. For a heat source working outdoors, an electric griddle will serve the purpose well. Do not use a heat source that has an open flame. A rice cooker will also work well. It provides the heat source and the alcohol can be poured directly in, without the need for a separate vessel to hold the alcohol.

To evaporate the alcohol, turn on your heat source and if you can control the heat set it to a temperature higher than the boiling point of your solvent, while keeping the temperature below about 230°F/110°C.

Filtered Liquid Warming On Electric Griddle

Put the liquid mixture on the heat source. When the alcohol reaches its boiling point, you will see bubbles start to form. After it starts boiling, the alcohol will begin to evaporate. Keep heating the alcohol until it stops boiling. As soon as it stops bubbling all the alcohol has evaporated. Remove the hash oil from the heat.

Filtered Liquid Boiling And Evaporating On Electric Griddle

At this point the hash oil is like warm tar. It should be collected while it is still warm and easy to work with. It can be consumed right away, or stored for later use. Do not wait to remove the hash oil from the heat. If you do and it gets too dry, the hash oil might solidify and be hard to collect. When this happens, you can add a bit more alcohol and dissolve the hash oil into it. When it is fully dissolved, heat it again to evaporate the alcohol. This time don’t heat for so long.

Collecting Hash Oil

Depending on the material the container is made out of, a metal chisel might scratch it. So something made out of glass, silicone, or another softer material that won’t scratch the bottom of the container would be a better idea.

To keep the oil warm and easy to work with, the container it is in can be put in a pot with warm water. The heat from the water will enable you to more easily amass the oil. When a worthwhile amount was gathered on the tip of the chisel, it was put in a silicone container for storage. This was repeated until almost all of the oil was collected.

If the hash oil is well sealed and stored in a cool dark area, like a fridge, it will retain most of its potency for 6-12 months. After that the potency will gradually decrease.

  • Did you make it? Let us know your recipe and leave a comment below.

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