How To Make Hash Butter DIY Guide?

Kiff (also spelled kif, kief, kef, keef) is a potent cannabis extract most commonly produced by agitating marijuana over some type of screen or filter system. An herb grinder with a screen at the bottom is an example.

Kief is utilized for spiritual, recreational, and other purposes. In addition, when consumed in kief butter and other similar ways like mixing it with cooking oil and adding to a recipe, it is very effective medicine for treating pain.

In comparison with marijuana butter, most people find kief butter is more stimulating physically, more potent mentally, and a better analgesic.

For those of you who find smoking too harsh, edibles are a great alternative. When you ingesting cannabis the body processes THC (the active compound in cannabis) in the liver into a compound called “11-Hydroxy-THC”. Since the body processes the parent compound THC into “11-Hyroxy-THC” it can prove to be more psychoactive than smoking cannabis and the THC levels can increase 4-5 times stronger when ingested. When baking with cannabis, or a product thereof, to activate the THC it needs to clings to a lipid/fat cell. That is the reason why it works so great in butter or oil. Without that lipid THC has nothing to attach to. Often, the effects of a quality medicated edible can last 2-8 hours and are ideal for evening medicating, or for those who have insomnia – an edible will do the trick!

Many people prefer using kief or hash instead of cannabis butter because it’s stronger not just physically and mentally, but also makes for a more effective painkiller. It also has a different taste compared to using cannabutter, and is more suitable for making sweet edibles such as cookies and brownies.

With as little as 1 oz of butter or coconut oil and 1 gram of decarboxylated hash, you can make an approximately 150-300mg THC tablespoon of oil or butter in a snap. You don’t need a crockpot, cheesecloth or a strainer.

Here’s a recipe for making kief or has butter for those of you who have extremely high tolerance and need stronger medicine.


Wooden or whisk spoon
Heavy sauce pan
Paper or kitchen towels
Heat resistant container with a cover for storage
hash butter recipe


2 sticks of unsalted butter (best to get one with the highest fat content you can find, and organic if possible)
4 cups of water
hash: for a mild hit, use 2-3g per stick, moderate hit; 3-5g per stick, and 6 or more grams per stick for a very strong high

Make sure your hash is completely dry. Any excess moisture in your hash will cause the butter and water to get soupy and it won’t solidify properly. If this happens and you decide to use the butter anyway, know the butter will cause your cake or cookie batter to be gummy and spongy. The texture will be a little funky, but still edible.

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First things first, measure out 4 cups of water, pour into the pot and put over medium heat. Whilst the water is heating up, place a paper towel on the worktop and begin crumbling your hash into tiny pieces. This will speed up the mixing process.


Once the water is hot, but not boiling, place your butter into the pot and reduce the heat to a low simmering setting. Allow the butter to melt into the water without letting the mixture boil. Use your whisk or spoon to stir the mixture and help the butter dissolve.


Once the butter has dissolved, it’s time to add the crumbled hash. Keep the heat on a low setting, add the hash, and stir it well into the mixture. Leave this mixture to simmer for a minimum of 30 minutes, while the contents of the pot begin to display a dark brown/green colour. The longer you simmer, the more potent will your butter become. Simmering for anywhere between 1-4 hours will create a highly psychoactive butter.


Once you have simmered your mixture for 30 minutes or more, remove it from the heat and pour into a heat-proof container. Put the container into the fridge for a few hours, until it has solidified. During the process, the water and cannabinoid-infused fat will separate. Pour off the water and put the obtained butter back into the fridge until you decide to cook with it.

In your hands you now have possibly the strongest kind of cannabis butter on the planet! Hash butter can be stored in your refrigerator for as long as 2 months.
This butter can be added to a huge variety of dishes, from sweet desserts to savoury main courses, allowing users to obtain a hashish high from their favourite dishes. Not only is this method of consumption much better for the lungs, but it also generates a high that is much stronger and longer lasting. This is due to THC undergoing a different metabolic pathway. Edible cannabis is not to be underestimated. Be sure your set and setting is optimal, and that the next few hours are freed up for a good time.

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