How to make perfect cannabis butter the right way

For medical cannabis patients who deal with a lot of pain, a really strong edible is often the only thing that will provide relief.

A really strong edible often requires cannabutter, and a strong cannabutter at that.

Think of the delicious but risky smell when choosing a location to produce your butter. Depending on the quantities you want to produce, smell can be a small issue. It’s always present when making cannabis butter but can be reduced by a good airflow in your kitchen. Another option is making a rather smelly type of food while making butter at the same time. This can help to camouflage up the smell.

First Decarboxylate your weed


Don’t skip this vital process, or you will be setting yourself up for a depressing surprise; even your highest-quality cannabis contains essentially ZERO THC until you decarb it. Why find out the hard way? That’s already been done for you.

Decarboxylation is easy: Just bake your sample at 250°F/120°C for ½ to 1 hour. This will both activate your cannabis and give it a roasted, nutty taste.

Prepare drawn butter


Removing the watery whey and milk solids from melted butter yields a richer extract with improved consistency and flavor.

Simply melt your hard butter in a saucepan over low heat until it divides into three layers: a large layer of clarified golden butterfat sandwiched between two thin layers of white milkfat. Then, skim off and discard the foamy top layer, and slowly decant the yellow layer into a container, taking care to leave behind the water and whey in the bottom. That yellow butterfat is clarified butter, the starting point for making MagicalButter. The end product will turn to a healthy green tint, owing to the chlorophyll in the plant.

Any kind of unsalted butter you like is acceptable.

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Now joining your butter with weed


Here’s the simple, 3-steps cannabutter recipe in a nutshell:

  1. While herb is decarboxylating in oven, clarify butter (described above).
  2. Place chopped ingredients (dried and decarboxylated cannabis) inside the butter, on cca 160°F/71°C; and leave for 4 hours, stear from time to time…
  3. Strain your cannabutter (see below).

Strain the content


When the heat cycle is complete. Simply pour the cannabutter into the reusable nylon or paper filter, holding it over your container, be shure to keep your hand safe from the hot contents of the machine.

Congratulations! You are now set to introduce the health-enhancing “zest” of cannabis to almost any recipe! Sauces, side dishes, weed brownies…the sky’s not even the limit. Experiment!

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