How To Make The Most Potent Hash On Earth With 99.96% THC

Warning: This article is provided for education and information purposes only. The potentially dangerous chemicals referenced in this article to make THC-A Crystalline should only be handled by professionals. Please seek professional assistance before handling the materials referenced in this article.

Cannabis contains hundreds of active and inactive compounds that take on many shapes and structures on a microscopic level. THCA and CBD are both similar in that their molecular composition resembles a crystalline formation with rigid and latticed structures. Note that while THCA’s and CBD’s structures lend to the formation of crystalline, CBDA’s does not.

When completely isolated and in visible quantities, these compounds look a lot like snowflakes or crushed rock salt.

“Diamonds” or THCA crystals have been trending with cannabis concentrate users over the last couple of years. Until recently, isolated THCA has been hard to find. Now, you can find them isolated or more commonly drenched with terpenes in jars labeled “sauce.”

Now you are probably interested to get some THCA yourself and try out this amazing stuff, right? Well the process of making THCA crystals isn’t easy and requires some equipment and knowledge. The way it’s made and the fact that it’s very concentrated makes it a pretty expensive extract so making it yourself could be paying off!

Without any experience of extracting, this process might look a bit overwhelming and difficult. But if you follow the steps closely, it’s possible to do! (with right equipment). Most of the times it already starts with a cannabis extract like BHO or full melt hash. This makes the process faster.

Most people on Earth have never experienced what the purest hash this planet has to offer. Engineers have devised an extraction method that creates an extract that 99.96% pure. Here’s how they do it.

THC-A Crystalline Hash is the holy grail of cannabis potency. The process starts with a cannabis extract.

Extracting simply means to take one substance out of to other. So to separate the left over plant material from the THC(A), you’ll need to put the extract in 2 chemicals called: hexane and acetic acid. This will dissolve a large part of the plant material. After that, the mixture will go trough some filter which helps the dissolving process.

Now you are left with quite some liquid that should be placed in a rotary evaporator. This evaporator will use different kind of pressure, heat and motion to keep seperating and dissolving different element in your mixutre. After this, there will be a left over mixture called: Delta(9) Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid.

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We might get closer to pure THCA but we’re not there yet, still there are some impurities and elements we need to get rid off. This will be done with a process we call: Chromatography! Chromatography is another way of separating different elements from each other and used by when measuring THC level in cannabis. Find out more about this process!

In the next step we will add dichloromethane, chloroform and Sephadex-LH20 to our tetrahydrocannabinloc acid and create a new kind of crystallized mixture.

This mixture will be put back in the rotary evaporator and mixed with quite some methanol which purifies it even more. Then it will go trough filter again and put back in the rotary evaporator to the methanol from your THCA extract.

Finally, this last step is being repeated once again using a dis-solvent to purify it to 99.997%. Then this last mixture will be placed in the rotary evaporator for the last time (to remove the harmful solvent). Now you are left with true THCA crystalline!

This extraction method isn’t the easiest one and requires some knowledge, experience and equipment. But after getting to know other extracts and the way their made, it’s pretty easy to follow and do-able at home. But remember: you are working with chemicals and heated equipment so always be careful and safety first!

How to Use Crystalline THCA

In order for crystalline THCA to become active and deliver intoxicating effects, it must be heated. However, THCA has medicinal and therapeutic properties despite being inactive, and can be supplemented in its raw form through several methods.

What Is THCA & What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

Crystalline cannabinoids work well for oral ingestion as they can be prepared into foods and even portioned into pills or capsules. Because these cannabinoids are so pure, they are easy to dose.

Those who wish to rapidly activate their crystalline cannabinoids often do so through vaporization and dabbing. By dabbing or vaporizing THCA, decarboxylation occurs near instantaneously, breaking down the inactive, acidic cannabinoid into THC.

Usually, people will add terpenes to add some flavor to the high. By all accounts, pure THC in this way tends to hit much faster than regular weed.

For those tempted to try this, all anyone really needs to make crazy hash is a bubble bag and a bunch of weed. Enjoy the final product with a heavy duty dab rig.

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