How To Mix Weed and Alcohol Safely?

Should you drink alcohol with your cannabinoids? That is a very interesting question. The conventional wisdom tends to be “no.” However, the conventional wisdom is often wrong about cannabis.

In fact, cannabinoids are frequently mixed with “alcohol.” Even for medical purposes. In fact, alcohol-based extraction is a safe way, along with fat-infused “extraction,” to isolate cannabinoids from plant matter.

A lot of research has been done about the effect of alcohol and marijuana on the body as individual constituents, but much less research has been done on the combined effect of these two substances.

Crossfading, or combining alcohol with cannabis, also has different effects than just consuming one or the other. Indeed, combining both substances together can create an elevated high. They can also cause a side-effect known as “greening out.”

Physical effects include dizziness, nausea, sweating, and vomiting.
Scott Lukas, who teaches at Harvard Medical School, is one of the few who has done research on this topic. What he found was that those who smoked pot and drank alcohol displayed THC levels in their blood plasma which were double those that only smoked pot. So it seems that drinking alcohol increases the blood’s ability to absorb THC, and you are effectively higher.

The general rule is that if you want to mix these two substances without greening out, smoke weed and then start drinking. The old saying goes, “Weed then beer, you’re in the clear. Beer then grass, you’re on your ass!” From a perspective of experience, this seems to be true. Starting off your night on the beer and then moving on to smoking can end in disaster, but doing it the other way around is a pretty safe bet.

Remember that any kind of alcohol will increase your high, so go easy. Does rum make you gag but whiskey make you dance? Do high levels of THC make you paranoid? It’s important to know which alcohol types and cannabis strains suit your body chemistry. Everyone responds to booze and weed in their own ways—just like little impaired snowflakes. Do some experimenting and figure out which strains and drinks work best for you. Booze and pot are notorious dehydrators, so be sure to guzzle plenty of water while you’re out drinking and partaking. The more water you consume, the better you’ll feel the next day and the less likely you will be to get the spins and pukes.

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