How to propose to your stoner girlfriend

Spell It With Oil

Take some hash or dab oil and spell out the question, or if you don’t have enough drizzle it in the shape of a heart and put the ring in the center.

Hide The Ring In The Weed

Hide the ring in your stash jar and tell her to find the prize hidden inside

Put The Ring Around The Bong Bowl

Put the ring around the bong bowl and offer her the first hit.

Put A Ring On The Blunt

Roll a fattie blunt and put the ring on it.

Fill The Ring Box With Weed Surrounding The Ring

Take the box with the ring and fill it with weed then surprise her with it.

Hide The Ring In A Brownie And Ask Her If She Wants To Split It With You

If you make your own edibles, bake a batch of brownies and hide the ring in one of them. Offer her the half with the ring

Find A Nug Shaped Like A Heart And Put It Next To Her Favorite Pipe

If you can’t find a nug shaped like a heart, put two nugs together to make a heart shape, then load it in her pipe.

Give Her A Pipe That Says “Bride” On It And Offer Her Greens

If you can find a set that says “bride” on one and “groom” on the other, even better.

Blow A Smoke Ring Around Her Finger

This one will take a bit of time to perfect, but she’ll love the effort that you put into it. After you blow the smoke ring, then present her with the real ring.

Buy A Wedding Cake Topper And Put A Nug Of Weed Between The Couple

Ask her if she wants to smoke a bowl, then give it to her when she asks where the weed is

Spell Out “Marry Me?” With Joints

Roll a bunch of pinner joints and spell out the question. When she says yes, smoke them in celebration.

Hide The Ring In Your Grinder

Hide the ring in the kief catcher of your grinder, hand it to her and ask her to top off the bowl.

Put The Ring Around The Chillum

Take it on a hike to your favorite outdoor smoking spot, get down on one knee and offer her the chillum.

Ask Her If She’ll Be The Weed To Your Pipe

Before smoking a bowl with her ask her if she’ll be the weed to your pipe, then give her the ring.

Buy Matching Pot Leaf Jewelry And Give Her The Other Half

If you don’t have a ring yet, she’ll appreciate the adorableness of matching jewelry.

Hide The Ring In The Kief Box

Hide the ring in your kief box and ask her to look inside for a nice surprise.

Buy A White Ashtray And Paint The Question On It

Fill the ashtray with ground herb and then ask her to roll a joint.

Put A Dank Bud In A Ring Box

Put a nug of the dankest bud you can find and put it in the empty slot where the ring should go. Get down on one knee and present her with the dank box.

Buy A Box Of Chocolates

Replace the chocolates With nugs and hide the ring under one of them. Eat the chocolates together when you both have the munchies.

Write The Question On A Bag Of Herb

Hand the bag to her and ask her to load a bowl.

Ask Her If She’ll Be Your Green Hit For The Rest Of Your Lives

Then give her the ring and then smoke a bowl with your new fiancee.

Make A Heart With Some Freshly Rolled Joints

Put the ring in the center of the heart under a joint paper or blunt wrap with the question written on it, and then smoke the joints.

Buy Her A Rose

Hide the ring and a nug in the rose. Put the ring on her finger and then smoke the nug.

Save Up All Your Stems

Save your stems for a couple months and then spell out the question using the stems. Hey, you finally found a good use for stems!

Load A Bowl With The Ring On Top

Load a bowl like you normally would, start to hand it to tell her, then tell her it’s missing something. Take the ring and put it on top of the bowl. Offer her greens.

Tell her that you love her like you love your first bong hit of the day. If she’s truly the stoner girl of your dreams, she’ll say yes to any one of these “pot”posals.

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