How To Roll A Square-Shaped Blunt

Learning how to roll a square-shaped blunt is a creative way to switch up your weed routine. You can get it done by following these simple steps.

Looking for a creative new way to roll your blunts and take your weed game to a new level? Learning how to roll a square-shaped blunt is easy if you can already roll a regular blunt. There’s no particular advantage to it other than the fact that it won’t roll off a table. However, it’s a nice way to change things up and entertain your friends.

Before You Start Rolling

There are a few things you’ll need before you start the rolling process. A fresh blunt wrap, a grinder, a paper filter tip, and obviously cannabis.

The fresh wrap is so it doesn’t crack when you crease it into a square. The grinder will give you weed that’s easy to roll, and rolling a four-sided filter tip should help the square blunt hold shape. Once you gather your materials, you’re ready to start rolling.

1) Grind Your Weed

You’ll need to grind your weed, so it easily takes on the square shape. Breaking up by hand will make it harder to mold the blunt into the shape of a square, and it won’t smoke as evenly. You want an even consistency of ground weed in the blunt to avoid canoeing.

2) Crease Your Blunt Wrap

If the blunt wrap is a little dry breathe on it until it becomes softer and easier to crease without cracking. First, fold the bottom of the blunt wrap about two-thirds of the way up the blunt. Next, unfold it.

The wrap should be split once by the crease with one side much larger than the other. Then, fold that larger side in half. Finally, fold the smaller side down over, the larger side while creasing it to give it a square shape.

3) Roll A Square Filter Tip

Take a paper filter tip and fold a small section over. Continue folding it over creating a crease every time the paper overlaps. You should have five to six even sections between each crease.

You’ll only need five so cut anything more than that off. In the end, you want a square shaped filter tip with a slash through it. One of the five sections will go diagonally through the square to prevent any weed from getting into your mouth.

Once you’ve accomplished this, you can put the tip in the creased-up blunt wrap to make it easier to hold shape as you seal it. Line up the walls of the tip with the walls of the wrap so there are no gaps.

4) Seal And Fill It

Lick the smaller end of the blunt you creased and stick it shut around the filter tip. You can then fill the blunt to the top from the open end.

Pack it down but not too much or it won’t pull properly. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of herb inside the blunt, you’re ready to smoke it.

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