How To Roll Perfect Joint Filters

Why use joint filters?

Using joint filters are a matter of preference for smokers, but there are benefits to using jointfilters tips. If you are used to rolling joints without a filter, you should seriously give this a try!

Here are all the reasons that using joint filter tips can make your smoking experience more enjoyable!

1. Joint tips help your joint stay together!

Using a pre-made joint filter tip or one you made out of cardboard gives the base of your joint some stability. It also gives something solidly circular for your paper to wrap tightly around at the bottom of your joint.

This means it is way less likely that your joint is going to crumble when you are ashing it!

2. Buttsucking benefits!

Ok, there is nothing worse than being handed a joint that has been completely butt sucked, and is almost dripping saliva at the bottom. Well, a cardboard filter means the bottom of a butt sucked joint doesn’t turn as badly into a slobby mess!

3. Better airflow

Making a solid filter for your joint can ensure a more consistent airflow through your joint. The holes in both ends of the filter ensure maximum airflow, without the likelihood of those blocked spots that are hard to get smoke through.

4. Better value for your weed

Rolling a joint without a filter means that at the end you are left with a roach that you have to deal with. For most people this means emptying out the roach and using it to fill up another joint, resulting in another roach.

Using a joint tip means you get to actually smoke all of the weed in your joint, right down to the very bottom!

4. All the different kinds of filter tips…

Joint tips are not limited to little cylinders made out of cardboard. You can purchase reusable ones that are biodegradable. You can also purchase a range of wooden filters that you put your rolled joint inside of.

Alternatively, you can be pre-rolled joint tips that you can just slide into your paper, or you can make your own out of a little piece of cardboard.

Learn how to roll the perfect joint tip:

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