How to Save Your Cannabis When it Gets Wet?

Did you get soaked in the rain and your weed got wet? Don’t fear, because although damp weed looks weak and can lose its potency and smoothness, you’re not doomed.

Water, it’s everywhere. It’s in the sky, it’s under our feet, it collects in continent spanning oceans. It is vast, it is patient, it is always waiting for its opportunity to pounce, and get your marijuana wet.

Problems With Smoking Wet Weed


So, your weed is wet, but can you still smoke it? What happens when your weed is wet? Is it really bad?

Spotting wet weed may seem simple enough, but can still be confused for sticky bud. If your ganja sticks to your fingers when you give it a press but doesn’t squish, then that’s a good sign that your dealer has given you some strong buds. If it does squish, though, then your weed clearly got wet and you should start drying.

It Is Hard To Grind

First and foremost, if you have wet weed, it is going to be really hard to grind up. If you have ever smoked before, you know that you have to break the weed down into fine nugs or even into powder so you can smoke it.

When your weed is wet, it becomes nearly impossible to break down into powder, as it will just keep sticking together, thus making it exceedingly difficult to roll a joint.

On a side note; if you need help finding a decent grinder then we have covered probably the most detailed buyers guide, you can find it here.

It Does Not Burn Well

Another thing that happens when you smoke wet weed is that it is really hard to smoke. Simply put, wet things just do not burn very well, and this makes smoking a wet joint really hard.

If you manage to light a bong bowl or joint with wet weed, even if you do manage to get it burning, chances are that it will not stay lit for very long.

It Tastes Bad

If you have ever smoked wet weed before, you probably know that it just does not taste right. Now, sure, not all people like the taste of pot either way, but if you are a smoker, you will know that there is a difference in taste between dry and wet weed.

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Not only is wet weed just hard to light up, but it does not taste as good as the dry stuff either.

You Might Not Get As High

Something else that happens when you smoke wet weed is that you just do not get as high. It is not like the moisture affects the THC or other active elements per say.

However, because the wet weed is so hard to light and keep lit, you end up wasting a lot of weed simply trying to keep it burning. There is just nothing enjoyable about trying to smoke wet weed.

Moldy Marijuana

When you’re drying your marijuana, what you want to be cautious of more than anything else is mold. If any mold develops as it dries, then that’s the end of the road, you’ll have to toss it out. Smoking mold is very bad for your health. Another thing to be aware of is how your marijuana got wet: If you dropped it in the sea, leave it there, smoking salt is a big no-no. If you dropped it into a pool, then kiss it goodbye, smoking chlorine is the worst possible idea.

How to Save Your Herb

The first thing you need to rescue your wet marijuana is patience. There’s no way to force dry your marijuana, don’t put it in the dryer, don’t aim a hair dryer at it, and do not hold it out the window of your car while you do 50 down the road.

Getting your marijuana to dry properly without ruining it is a process that can take a few days. Though this may seem a long time to wait, it will give you plenty of time to think about how much of an idiot you are for getting your marijuana wet.


A great method for drying your weed is to put it in a jar or bag with dry rice. Yes, this is the same technique used to dry off a cell phone which has gotten wet.

The dry rice will suck the moisture right out of the weed. It will take a couple days to fully work, but you will have dry weed at the end of it all.

The Paper Method


The first thing you want to do when weed gets wet is put it in a paper towel or brown paper bag

  • Place the paper bag in a dark, dry place
  • If possible, make sure there’s some airflow in the room. Put on a fan or a dehumidifier if you have one
  • Replace the paper towel and turn your wet stash every couple of hours
  • Be sure to check for mold when turning your weed

Air Dry

If you are not in a hurry, you can just let the weed air dry. Simply place it somewhere with good ventilation and let it dry.

Yeah, it will take a couple days to dry, but at least there is no effort required to do so.


If you happen to have a dehumidifier on hand, you can definitely make use of it to dry your weed. Just place the weed on something right in front of the dehumidifier. If you have a good dehumidifier, it should suck the moisture out of your weed in a matter of hours.

Avoid Heat and Light

I know it’s tempting to try some quicker ways to dry weed, like using a blowdryer, putting it in the microwave or regular oven on low, or putting it in the sun or under a lamp for a few hours. But these are not the best tactics for retaining your weed’s integrity. These methods can degrade trichomes, potentially burning off some of the herb’s THC count as well as any other cannabinoids or terpenes that are present. Plus, drying weed with one of those methods is likely to make your bud harsher and less pleasant to smoke. When weed gets wet, it’s best to have patience and use one of the above methods, and avoid shortcuts that involve heat and light.

There you have it folks, smoking wet weed on its own is not cause for concern. It won’t taste or smoke right, but it won’t make you sick. What you do need to watch out for is weed that is moldy due to being wet, as this can indeed be quite dangerous for your health.

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