How to Tell the Quality of Cannabis

Everyone wants the best when it comes to the quality of the stuff they buy. However, we sometimes miss to getting it right. It’s just because we do not have the knowledge of how top separate good from bad. It is a lot like choosing which vegetable or fruit are the best and the tastiest at the supermarket, or perhaps more accurate, which flowers are the best at your local florist. You want to select on which buds appeal to you, which colouring you like and what smells good to you. You also want to look for bad things, that might affect the cannabis negatively like mould, mildew, discoloration or even insects.

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The Appearance

How does the weed itself appear? Moreover, can you just look at your pot and tell whether the appearance is okay? If you want to get the best quality of weed, then look up close. Trichomes otherwise known as little hairs are the things you need to check. Therefore, check it plus the general appearance of the cannabis. If it’s brown or looks like a bug of leftovers, then do not buy or use it. That’s not a good quality weed. High-quality one should be green and with some touches of orange. If you want the best at all times, then always insist on getting the green one. That’s the best one. Whether you are buying online or physically, never hurry to check its appearance.

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The Smell

Did you know that the smell of marijuana is also something you can use to determine the quality of your weed? It gives you some great ideas of the stuff you are about to buy or smoke. Good and high-quality cannabis should have a heavy skunky smell. Anything else that’s not close to that smell is not what you should buy or use. It’s just low-quality weed that a patient like you should avoid for all the cool reasons. Smell is very vital and helps determine many things and not only the quality. If the weed smells dirt, then just wait to have a headache. Weed should have a strong smell that’s an indication of good flavor. So never rush to open and use your pot before checking its smell.

The Stickiness

The THC crystals should feel sticky to the touch, because the cloudy crystals on the trichomes act like a resin. So if the buds feel sticky and not dry when crumbled or broken open, you have a good indication of high-quality cannabis. Buds that crumble too easily and turn into a pile of dust are probably of low quality or have been dried too much.

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The Moisture

The moisture level of the buds is very important too, as poorly dried weed can have several negative effects on the quality of the cannabis. The taste will be negatively impacted as well as the effects when smoked. The buds can even start to rot or mould inside the bag if not dried properly before packaging them. Another negative impact the moisture level has, is on the price; if you pay by weight, you will pay for the weight, that will actually have to evaporate before it is ready for consumption. This means it takes longer before the weed is ready to be smoked and you will end up with a smaller amount or weight than what you paid for when buying the cannabis.

The Taste

One of the last indications of good weed is the taste it delivers when smoked or vaporized. If the buds deliver a nice combination of different flavours without being harsh on the throat or making you cough, it is good quality weed.
Smelling and feeling gets you a good idea of how good the weed actually is, but if you have the chance to taste it beforehand, it will give you a much better idea of what you are buying.

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Whether it’s dank, fire or flame, the typical cannabis consumer is seeking out the best quality cannabis products they can afford. Don’t waste that ounce of fire or learn from mistakes. These genius hacks can help you with the quality of your weed without any hassle.

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