I Found a Cannabis Seed in My Stash Bag. Can I Germinate and Grow It?


So you found a seed in your weed stash. Don’t get to excited just yet, depending on where it came from, and if the seed is viable or not should affect your level of excitement.

How to check if the cannabis seed is Good or Bad?


Seeds that are found in female cannabis flower can form for multuple reasons.

A male cannabis plant could accidentally pollinate a flowering female cannabis plant. Quite commonly, the seeds, aree a sign of stress and can form die to high temperatures during the final stages of flowering spikes in climate or environment.

Cannabis seeds can also form in plants with genetic disorders or instability, like hermaphrodites. Those conditions are always viewed as negative and it is not a vise idea, to continue those lines of cannabis genetics

Before trying and to germinate and grow your seed you should ask your self a few simple questions.

Do you know how to grow and are you rellay ready to grow your own cannabis?


Growing weed takes a level of commitment. You should take your time in to account (watering, trimming and taking care of your plant), the nutrition you will need, the pots and soil (better soil you will use, better the growing results)

Did you like the cannabis in which you found the seed?


If you found the seed in some really dank weed that you liked a lot, then its well worth trying to germinate and grow your plant. So don’t get mad if you find a seed in your most valued stash that you got from your dealer or a local dispensary, the seeds can be an opportunity.

Is the cannabis seed viable and will it germinate?


If everything that you read so far check out for you, then you have one last hurdle to take and to check if the seed is viable and if it will germinate.

You should check if your seed is mature (the black stripes on the seed), and ready to germinate, check for any damage, and if it will withstand a litle pressure between your fingers (be careful with this so you don’t smash your seed)

Viable or not, there is only one way to find out if your seeds wil pop and produce a seedling. We have written a good how togerminate old seeds that you can check here.

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