Identify The Quality Cannabis Seeds

A successful cannabis harvest starts with high-quality seeds. Given how important the distinction is between seeds of high and low quality, it’s vital you know how to tell the good ones from the bad. Carefully sourcing high-quality cannabis seeds will ensure you are receiving the exact genetics you are looking for.

There are several factors to look for when purchasing seeds, such as its shape, size, colour, sex, origin, germination, and of course, strain.

What Exactly is a Good Quality Cannabis Seed?


How do you figure out which seed is good? Well, at first glance, it has to look healthy. To detect good cannabis seeds, you have to also know what to expect in shape, color, and size, even though these features don’t always guarantee successfully sprouting. Healthy seeds will usually be grey, brown or black with darker spots and lines that do not usually have an expected pattern. The coat of the seed will be waxy, reflecting light when it is exposed. The healthy cannabis seeds will usually appear very large once developed. However, there is still no guarantee in sprouting seeds.

Types Of Bad Cannabis Seeds

Avoid underdeveloped seeds that are either white or green. That colouration means that they haven’t reached full maturity. If there are any cracks, breaks, or dents in the seeds, they’re also low-quality. It’s good to note that even when a seed appears to look perfect, it could be a dud based on its genetics and/or how it was handled prior to your acquisition. Sometimes seeds simply don’t sprout; they look good, were handled well, but are a no-go. This is simply the luck of the draw.

Seeds From a Bag

Some smokers might be pleased to see some cannabis seeds in their bag, and might think themselves lucky. However, finding seeds in a bag is bad for various reasons. For one, this means the grower has messed up and allowed their female plants to be pollinated by an invading male. When flowers are pollinated, they stop producing THC-containing resin and divert their energy toward producing seeds. Secondly, the seeds will have added to the overall weight of the bag, which means less weed for your buck.

With this said, you may get lucky if the strain they were growing really is prime. In this case, it’s worth carrying out the following test to see if it’s worth germinating.

Float Test


The “float test” is an easy way to check if a seed is viable or not. It’s as simple as dropping a seed into just enough distilled water to see if it has enough mass to sink within an hour or two, and if it does, then it generally has a better chance of germinating than seeds that float. You should do this right before you plant the seed because the water saturation can cause it to mold or decay.

The Cannabis Germination Procedure

You can also test your cannabis seeds for quality by using the germination procedure. The actual method is known as the germination sandwich method. Put a piece of wet paper towel on a flat surface such as a plate. Fold the paper towel twice so that it is thick enough. Place the cannabis seeds on the wet paper towel. The seeds should be 3cm or more apart from each other to prevent the roots from tangling.

Put a wet folded paper towel on top of the same seeds and put a plate over it to finalize the germination sandwich method. After two days, watch if the seeds sprout and if so, they should be sowed and it also means that they are of high quality.

Source Reputable Seed Bank

A solid way to obtain great seeds is to find a reputable seed bank. These companies pride themselves of their breeding skills and make sure that their customers receive exactly what has been advertised. They have reputations to cater to, so delivering anything less would only harm their image.

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