Idiot Proof Guide to Joint Rolling – The Cannon Method

While rolling a joint isn’t exactly rocket science, it can prove to be tricky for some — impossible for others. If you have big, clumsy fingers, or just don’t know how, rolling joints can be a big source of anxiety. No one likes the person who never rolls, but no one likes joints that come out loose, burn too fast, or look ugly, either. Rolling a bad joint is embarrassing.

Before you swear off weed/socializing, take a look at our Five-Step Cannon Method to rolling (aka packing) a joint. While this method requires more tools (see below) and steps than other methods, it’s a relatively simple and manageable approach to producing a good-looking, long-lasting joint.

The Tools:

  • Rolling Paper
  • Filter Paper
  • Piece of Notebook Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Grinder
  • ½ to 1 gram of Weed
  • Chopstick (optional)



First things first: we need to break up that bud. You can break down your weed any number of ways, but using a grinder is the easiest and most effective. Your weed will break down finer and more consistent. The finer the weed is broken down the easier it will be to pack later and the slower your joint will burn (we like slow-burning joints).

Making a joint filter

A good filter is essential to rolling a good joint for several reasons: a filter prevents you from burning your lips, keeps the joint from getting too hot, allows you to smoke the joint in its entirety, and keeps the weed in the joint and out of your mouth.

Carefully begin to fold your filter paper in a zigzag formation. When you get halfway, the filter will look like an accordion; roll the remaining paper around the accordion part to secure. Make sure the filter isn’t rolled too tight. We want it to be able to expand a bit.

Shaping the rolling paper

We’re now going to shape our joint. If you’re using a pen or pencil you’ll be rolling a straight joint. If you’re using a chopstick you’ll be rolling a cone. Carefully wrap your rolling paper around your pen/pencil or chopstick and seal it with saliva.

Now put your filter in through the wide, open end of the joint. Use your pencil/pen or chopstick to push it all the way through until it reaches the opposite, tighter end of the joint. Our filter should expand, fitting snug in the filter end of the joint while the other end of the joint remains open. Great! We’ve “rolled” the shape of our joint and it’s looking pretty cute.

Packing Then joint

Now we’re going to pack the weed. Take your single sheet of notebook paper and fold it in half to give ourselves a nice, defined crease right down the middle of the paper. Make a V shape with the paper and carefully place your broken down weed in the crease. Spread out the weed evenly.

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Take your cone and gently scoop your weed into the open end. It’s important to make sure your first scoop is packed tight, otherwise your joint will be limp. No one wants a limp joint.

Use your pencil/pen or chopstick to pack the weed tight against the filter. Continue to scoop your weed into the joint until it’s completely packed. This is why it’s called the “Cannon Method,” because it’s like we’re packing a cannon. Repeat using your pencil/pen or chopstick to push your weed down and make the joint tight.

Twisting the top of joint

OK, so our weed is all packed and looking cute as hell. Let’s wrap it up and get smoking, right? Twist the loose, open end of the joint tight.

When you’ve twisted as tight as it’ll go, carefully push the outer edges in, creating a crater at the end. This will make it easier to light and will burn more efficiently. It will also keep the joint from becoming loose if you’re saving it for later.



You’re done! Take your joint rolling skills to a party and walk-in like. There is no better feeling in the world than rolling up with the perfect joint. So, light up, sit back, and get down with the joint you just “rolled.”

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