If You Are an Introvert, You Will Love These Cannabis Strains

While everyone has different reasons and motivations for using cannabis, there are certain strains that seem to have a better effect on self-described introverts than others.


Cannabis, unlike alcohol, has the ability to help slow things down. Inner emotions can be amplified as well as creative thoughts and your senses, which then would allow you to have a newfound appreciation for the world. For many introverts out there, they see cannabis as a social clutch in the same way that extroverts do with alcohol. It can help quiet those anxious thoughts while making it much easier to perceive the world in a negative way.

If you  just love spending time on your own, the following cannabis strains may well be for you.

Master Kush


THC: 20-24%

The best thing about Master Kush is how it relaxes the body without numbing the mind. Instead, it heightens sensory perception, making this strain ideal to enjoy right before you get started on your current personal project. Its heirloom cannabis aroma and flavor also make this a tasty strain to smoke, vape, or dab at any time.

Critical Mass

THC: 22-27%

Critical Mass is a delicious, earthy indica with hints of citrus. This is a potent indica that is widely used for relaxation as well as going to be. If you’re an introvert that also struggles with anxiety and insomnia, Critical Mass is highly recommended in the after-hours to induce you into a deep, satisfying sleep. Additionally, Critical Mass has just the right CBD content that helps get rid of paranoia while lulling you into a sweetly intoxicated state. This is the strain to toke up with if you have to stop by a social event after work, but need a little help to make it as enjoyable as possible.

OG Kush


THC: 23-26%

OG Kush eases feelings of social anxiety many introverts experience while in large crowds. It’s a strain well-known for relieving stress and instilling feelings of euphoria.

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Sour Diesel

THC: 20-24%

Sour Diesel is an uplifting, invigorating cannabis variety that can be particularly helpful for introverts suffering from depression. This sativa-dominant strain is as famous for energizing effects as it is for its pungent diesel odor.

Durban Poison


THC: 8-12%

Durban Poison is a popular landrace sativa from South Africa. People love it for its energizing effects, which makes it recommended for introverts who need to face social situations. It can be frustrating for many introverts to have to face the anxiety that comes with having to face the world, but Durban Poison can help you with that. It’s uplifting both physically and mentally, making it a good daytime strain. Durban Poison also has a distinct earthy and piney flavor, and its strong aroma is loved by many introverts out there.

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