If You Still Don’t Believe Cannabis is a Medicine Then You May be Dumb

These days, the acceptance of cannabis as medicine is fairly common. In fact, nearly 90% of the United States believes that cannabis should be legal for medical purposes. However, despite the immense support, there are still some people that question the medical efficacy of marijuana.

If you are in that group of people, you’re a complete and utter moron. No longer can you hide behind the “We need more research” argument. There have been plenty of research papers published showing the medical efficacy of cannabis.

If your argument is that, “The US government doesn’t consider it medicine”, then you simply have to look at their track-record in terms of cannabis truth. For starters, according to the father of marijuana prohibition, Anslinger, cannabis will make you violent and murder your parents. Oh, a bit too much to digest? Well, that was the official position of the US government for decades.

You can’t hide behind authority to excuse yourself from critical thinking.

Here’s the straight, unadulterated truth – CANNABIS IS MEDICINE!

Proof that Marijuana is Medicine

Let’s start with the undeniable truth. If cannabis was not medicine, then we wouldn’t have synthetic versions of the cannabinoids available since the 1980s. I’m talking about Marinol of course. This synthetic THC concoction is FDA approved and are given to people to reduce their nausea and pain. They typically prescribe it to people going through chemotherapy.

There’s also Dronabinol and Epidiolex (which is CBD based) which have also been approved by the FDA. If Cannabis is not medicine, then those FDA approved drugs are also not medicine. Thus, now you are sitting between a narrative being supported by the Department of Justice about cannabis not being a medicine, and a narrative by the Federal Drug Administration that says, “sometimes it is”.

Let’s take a look at the research

To be honest, for me to show you every single paper written about the medical properties of the individual cannabinoids – it would be a book! In fact, there are more than 20,000 published research papers on the topic.

Israel, has been studying the plant for the past 50 years and have made significant advances within the field of medical marijuana. From promoting homeostasis in the body, boosting the immune system, making bones stronger, we have plenty of research to indicate that cannabis is indeed medicine.

Let’s take a look at those healed

While anecdotal, you cannot deny the millions of people who have found medical relief from cannabis. We have cases of people who reduced their tumors, stopped their seizures, used it for pain, anxiety, depression, appetite stimulation.

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Are you saying that all of these people are full of shit? Are you so blind to the truth that when babies stop having seizures, that you can claim that it has no medical benefits?

Let’s take a look at the places that legalized

With 33 States having some sort of cannabis framework approved, people who still deny the medical efficacy of cannabis are essentially saying; “These states were duped”.

Every year more states legalize cannabis because the research indicates that indeed it is medicine. It helps with PTSD, inflammation, skin conditions, joint pain and can help repair braincells.

There have been millions poured into cannabis research over the years and everyday we’re learning new things about the plant.

Can you deny your own body?

If all of these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, then you don’t have to look any further than your own body. Within your body you have something called the Endocannabinoid System. This is essentially a system that is comprised of cannabinoid receptors which turn on or off. These receptors regulate different parts of your body.

It just so happens that our own endogenous endocannabinoids, and the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant are virtually identical. This means, that your body is producing compounds similar to that found in the cannabis plant.

It’s also the reason why so many people seem to be healed so dramatically after using cannabis. This is due to the fact that after the age of 25, people’s endogenous cannabinoid production dips significantly. With reduced endocannabinoid activity, the body starts having issues. You’re not as maintained as you should be.

Think of it as an engine without oil. It will still work for a bit, but eventually the friction will build up and destroy the motor.

Similarly, your Endocannabinoid system “oils” your entire body. Consuming cannabis is like “putting in more oil” into the motor. You get it?

Stop being a F#(!!#& Moron!

At this point, those who deny the medical efficacy of cannabis is in the vast minority. It’s like those people that think the earth is flat. If you still deny the fact that cannabis is medicine, despite all of the evidence that suggests otherwise…you sir or ma’am, are willfully ignorant and a F#(!!·& Moron!

source: cannabis.net

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