If You’re Sad And Constantly Tired These Are Cannabis Strains You Should Smoke

Whether it’s seasonal or chronic condition, the barrage of thoughts and constant exhaustion that plague someone facing depression can make even the thought of getting out of bed insurmountable. Luckily, there are certain motivating strains that may be able to deliver some relief.


Also a Sativa-hybrid and an award-winning strain, Candyland is a favorite among those who are looking for a serious upper. This motivating strain will conquer your depression and anxiety like it was built for the job. Candyland smokers have a special place in their hearts for this strain which is good for getting you out of your shell and keeping you there all day. As its name might suggest, it’s got a sweet taste that makes it smooth going in and out, while being a bit heavy on the aroma. Most people really enjoy this one as a social strain.

Ghost Train Haze

This Sativa hybrid could be just what you’re looking for as a pick-me-up kind of bud that will keep you going with just a small dose. Seriously, just a little dab will do you. While its effects are great for a boost of depression-fighting energy; take it slow. Especially if you are a first-time smoker. For those who swear by it, this is a perfect strain for a wake and bake as it will get your ass up and going. But if your depression is rooted in anxiety then this is a strain to avoid. Its heavy mental high could be a little too much for someone who doesn’t need to spend any more time in their head.

Short History of Diesel Strains


This strain gets its name from its parent strains Cinderella 99 and Vortex, both well known for having a focusing effect. Much like its parents this strain has a nice mellowing effect on your thoughts and will keep you high energy and productive all day. It can be a bit harsh hitting for some while its citrusy flavors can really come out as a concentrate. Cinex is great for getting that work you’ve been dreading doing. It’s focused high makes it a dream for those in search of motivation or someone who’s been putting off cleaning that apartment.

Super Lemon Haze

As the name suggests, this citrusy wonder has a super lemony taste. It’ll also kick your depression and fatigue to the curb. This hybrid is heavy on the Sativa side which creeps up slowly but brings you to a place of giggles and joy that comes down into a bit of an inspiring thought phase. As a result, it may not be the best for anxiety oriented depression, but it’s a much better choice in this respect than Ghost Train Haze. In addition to a giddy head high, this strain will also give you the tingles. It’s best in smaller doses throughout the day to roll up a few flavored papers and enjoy the fruity goodness.

Cannabis Strains High in THCV

Durban Poison

Throw away the coffee and fix yourself a nice hot bowl of Durban Poison in the morning. Get ready to smile like a child, in a candy store, on Christmas morning, while also being able to think clearly and concentrate. Named for its South African city of origin this strain is a quick jolt of energy and a healthy dose of clear and uplifting thoughts. It’s not as long-lasting as other strains but doesn’t leave you feeling wasted afterward. Take this one out on a hike and just appreciate the look and sound of life, but first, you’ll have to wait a couple minutes for it to set in.

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