Important Tools for Small At-Home Marijuana Grow-Op

important grow tools

Cultivating cannabis requires more than just skill. You also need patience as you wait months for your crop to be ready for harvesting. But what’s even more important than skill and patience is investing in the right equipment.

There is no such thing as a completely autonomous grow show. Whether you are a micro-grower, working with a small grow space, or lucky enough to have a larger grow room, you need the same common tools.

Having a toolkit makes you ready for whatever challenges your plant wants to throw your way and gives you something to improvise with on your first attempt at a growing operation. Here are the essential things that you need to become a marijuana cultivator!

Twist Tie


Twist tie almost directly translates into larger yields when used properly!

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, twist ties are a welcome guest in our home and they are one of the most cheap and efficient tools available for LST (low-stress training) and other methods of cannabis training.

PH Meter

One of the most underrated tools for growing at home is the handy dandy pH pen (also commonly known as a pH meter). A lot of growers underestimate the importance of measuring pH, but it’s actually one of the most important aspects of any grow op. One of the most common misconceptions is that pH pens are only necessary for hydroponics. But this isn’t the case.

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If you’re still wondering why pH is so important for cannabis cultivation, the main thing you need to know is that cannabis thrives within a specific pH range. This is the case for any living thing, including human beings. Cannabis thrives best when the pH value is between 6 and 7 – this is when plants are better able to take up nutrients.

Cable Ties

Something always needs to be secured in place in the grow-op. A pack of cable ties is often a tool you don’t realise you need until you have a job that can’t be done without them. Maybe you need to hold the corners of a ScrOG in place. Or perhaps you need to tidy up some wires hanging awkwardly from grow lights. Cable ties can save the day.

Duct Tape


The universal miracle tool. A roll of high-quality duct tape is the home grower’s first-aid kit. If anything should break, from plant shoots to part of the grow room structure, you can duct tape it back together in an emergency. You may never need to use it. But if ever anything goes wrong in the grow-op, you’ll be glad you had it.

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Denatured alcohol

This is an essential must have for all growers, as it is probably the best way to clean the space around which you grow. Cleanliness is hard to maintain in a room full of sticky, resinous buds and it can get just about everywhere. Denatured alcohol cleans the stickiness away in a heartbeat, so this is a handy tool to keep around for a clean working space.

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Protective Eyewear

Using protective eyewear should be on every grower’s list of important things to do, but you’d be surprised by how many growers actually forego eye protection. Even spending a small amount of time in your grow room each day can be tough on the eyes, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

There are tons of affordable options for eye protection on the market, it’s even possible to find a nice pair of LED sunglasses without breaking the bank. Just be sure to find a sturdy pair that’s polarized for use outside of the indoor grow room.

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Magnifying Glass


Aside from ignoring the importance of pH, one of the most common mistakes by growers is harvesting at the wrong time. There’s something called a harvest “sweet spot” when the plants are at their most potent and powerful, and to hit this sweet spot, you need to the plants’ trichomes.

The only way to tell if the plants have fully matured is to examine the trichomes, but not just with the naked eye. You’ll need a magnifying glass to properly tell if the plants have matured and are ready to be harvested to start the curing process.

Trimming Scissors

You gotta have clean clippers on hand. Even if you don’t plan on doing any pruning for yield or defoliation, you will need trimming scissors come harvest. Ideally, you want scissors with long, thin, sharp blades. And above all, comfortable to hold.

You’ll need more, of course. You’ll need pots. You may need a grow tent or box. You certainly need a light fixture proportioned to space and plant temperature needs. You want the best plant medium and nutrients. And, of course, you need good seed or clones to start your garden. You can grow any garden with a minimum of special tools. Once you have the proper resources and tools needed to complete a successful grow, you’ll be on your way to an abundant harvest. Don’t forget to do your research beforehand and maintain patience throughout the growing marijuana process.

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