In Canada You Can Now Get Mushrooms From the Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Psilocybin mushrooms, like medical marijuana, present promise in medication. There’s proof they may deal with melancholy, nervousness, alcoholism, drug habit, and PTSD, although extra analysis must be finished.

Now, a former medical marijuana dispensary proprietor in Canada is providing microdosed mushroom capsules by mail – however just for these with documented medical circumstances that may very well be handled with psilocybin.

Longtime cannabis activist Dana Larsen has launched Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary, a website to sell and distribute what he says are medicinal doses of magic mushrooms. With a prescription from a doctor or naturopath, Canadians can sign up for a membership to buy capsules containing medicinal micro-doses of the drug.

He says he’s modelled the project off of early cannabis dispensaries he previously opened in Vancouver.

“It’s really modelled on our early dispensary that we started 10 years ago with the Vancouver Dispensary Society, and just substituting micro-doses of mushrooms instead of cannabis,” Larsen told HuffPost.

A 2017 Scientific Reports study suggests that psilocybin may “reset” the activity of key brain circuits known to impact depression.

“These are useful medical products that should be available,” Larsen said, noting that while there remains work to be done on the weed regulation front, it’s a good time to start looking at other substances.

“I think the model that we used, and the tactics we used to legalize cannabis… civil disobedience, medical dispensaries, shifting the focus on the substance away from sort of seeing it as a hedonistic party substance more to being seen as a therapeutic, beneficial medicine,” he said. “The worst-case scenario is [the mushrooms] don’t help.”

Although magic mushrooms may work wonders for certain patients with specific medical conditions, there is no medical consensus regarding their efficacy. Additionally, federal regulators in Canada and the US do not recognize psilocybin (or its cousin, psilocin) as an accepted medical treatment for any condition – yet.

For patients who qualify, the Mushroom Dispensary’s capsules come in three doses: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg of ground up mushrooms. The capsules are derived from the Golden Teacher strain.

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In larger doses, typically one to three grams, mushrooms can cause strong hallucinations. Larsen said his dispensary, which will eventually have a storefront location, is not for people looking to trip out. It’s meant for those who have conditions like ADHD, PTSD, sleeping disorders, cluster headaches, as well as anxiety related to more serious conditions such as HIV and cancer. Prospective members must show a referral for mushrooms as a treatment from a doctor, naturopath, or traditional Chinese medicine practitioner or some form of documentation confirming a diagnosis.

Regardless that psilocybin, or magic mushrooms are unlawful within the Nice White North, Vancouver police didn’t make clear whether or not his mushroom mailing service would elevate their judicial issues. It looks as if Canadian cops are much more fearful concerning the painkiller epidemic than they’re about psilocybin, however that doesn’t essentially imply Larsen is off the hook, legally talking.

“We proceed to focus our enforcement vitality in the direction of combating organized and complicated criminals who revenue from the manufacturing and distribution of dangerous medicine, such and fentanyl and different opioids,” wrote Vancouver police spokesperson Steve Addison

“A typical dose of psilocybe mushrooms for psychedelic purposes would be between 1000mg and 3000mg of dried mushroom. A microdose is much smaller, between 1% and 10% of an active dose, typically in the range of 25mg to 100mg,” the website reads. “Our goal is to provide therapeutic benefits without any noticeable psychoactive effects.”

In other words, don’t expect to trip balls, especially with 25mg capsules going for C$2.50 a pop. The 100mg capsules run C$8 per pill. For the hardcore shroomers in the audience, you can probably spot the price difference: Larsen’s price is nearly 10 times greater than scoring whole ‘shrooms from an illicit street dealer.

Though magic mushrooms may go wonders for sure sufferers with particular medical circumstances, there is no such thing as a medical consensus concerning their efficacy. Moreover, federal regulators in Canada and the US don’t acknowledge psilocybin (or its cousin, psilocin) as an accepted medical therapy for any situation – but.

In order to qualify for Larsen’s mail-order shrooms, prospective patients must first provide documented proof – from a licensed doctor or other medical professional – that they have a diagnosis that can be treated with psilocybin. 

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