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Interesting Facts About Cannabis Sativa

When talking about cannabis, recreational or medicinal, there are two main classifications: indica and sativa. Strains that are pure sativa or pure indica share a set of typical effects. Cultivators combine these strains to create hybrids, which is where the majority of strains available fall. You can know a lot about how a cannabis strain may affect you if you know whether sativa or indica is more dominant. Here are some facts about the popular cannabis sativa plant.

  • Sativa strains mainly affect the head. They’re popular due to the euphoric energy they provide, often stimulating creative or deep thinking

  • You’re more likely to experience visual effects with sativa strains


  • Cannabis sativa is native to countries near the equator. They thrive in warm, outdoor conditions


  • You can visually tell the difference between indica and sativa. Sativa is tall and thin while indica plants are short and bushy

  • Sativa strains are most effective for treating mental health and behavioral issues


  • Sativa plants can grow very large, up to 20 feet


  • Sativa strains tend to be higher in THC while indica typically has more CBD


Remember, although sativa and sativa-hybrid strains will share typical effects, each strain has a unique profile. The inclusion of terpenes and other cannabinoids are what make for such a wide variety of cannabis strains. This, in addition to your own individual body chemistry will determine how a strain affects you.

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