Interesting Facts about Marijuana Wax You Should Know

Marijuana wax has been around for quite some time, but it has only recently gained widespread popularity.

Cannabis wax is one of the most sought-after concentrates because of their heightened potency. The highest quality versions contain a THC content that’s equivalent to 15-20 joints.

What is Wax?


Cannabis wax is a form of hash oil concentrate created when a solvent is washed over marijuana plant material. It looks a lot like ear wax, but once you get past the occasionally unappealing aesthetics, you will surely enjoy using it. It obviously gets its name because of its appearance, and the process of ingesting it is called “dabbing” or taking a hit of a “dab.” As High Times notes, it’s also called BHO, which stands for “butane hash oil” or “butane honey oil.” The process of of producing BHO is called “blasting,” while producers are known as “blasters.”

How to Use Cannabis Wax

While there are numerous ways to enjoy cannabis wax, you won’t be able to use the extract in a joint or a vaporizer if the substance is too sticky and hard to handle. Some people like to sprinkle wax on top of their weed in a joint for an extra kick, while others like to do the same with gravity bongs or vaporizers. In any event, here are the three most common ways to use cannabis wax:


Dabbing is no doubt the most popular way to consume marijuana wax. So much so in fact that cannabis wax is often simply referred to under the umbrella term of ‘a dab.’ Dabbing weed involves the use of special equipment (a dab rig) which is heated to immense temperatures.

A dab nail can be made of glass, ceramic, titanium, or other materials, and is heated using a specialized blowtorch. Add a dab of cannabis wax to the hot nail surface, and it vaporizes immediately. Then, you inhale the vapor as you would with a traditional bong. However, the heavy-hitting high is anything but traditional.


Most vaporizers these days are portable, and it is important to invest in a high-quality model if you want to actually “vape” your wax rather than combust it. Choose a vaporizer with a ceramic or quartz crystal heating chamber, and preferably one that has titanium coils to circumnavigate the issue of accidental combustion. Simply put, a good vape pen allows you to enjoy marijuana wax without the smoke.

Sprinkling It on a Joint


Another super popular way to use marijuana wax is to sprinkle it over flower when you’re rolling up a joint or packing a bowl. However, be advised that this is most easily achieved when using crumble wax. If you try to use something like budder or resin, you’ll create a nasty, sticky, frustrating mess that’ll probably end up mostly on your fingers than inside the joint.

Benefits of Cannabis Wax

The most obvious benefit of cannabis wax is enhanced potency. When made correctly, the wax will contain little or no butane at all, and a ridiculously high concentration of THC. Dabbing the wax may reduce the risk of lung damage associated with smoking, and the effects can be nearly immediate when it comes to the relief of chronic pain and other symptoms.

Marijuana Wax Risks

Marijuana wax increases many of the negative symptoms associates with smoking dried cannabis. Individuals that have existing anxiety, depression disorder, schizophrenia or are bipolar. By using marijuana wax will increase their negative symptoms and worsen their condition. Long term effects of using marijuana wax are yet unknown, but is is safe to say there are high risk issues when using wax. Smokers should also consider the butane molecules that are trapped in the wax and make their way into the lungs, which may eventually cause harm. Marijuana wax can cause serious long term health problems for those that consume it.

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It’s Highly Hallucinogenic

Causing nearly instantaneous highs, extreme behavior change, hallucinations and even overdoses. Although smoking or vaping marijuana is not known to cause overdoses, marijuana wax is the exception to this rule. Called and described as shatter, wax, honeycomb, oil, crumble, earwax, dab, black glass. This form of cooked concentrated marijuana is not edible, but made to be smoked or vaped.

It’s Extremely Dangerous to Make

When made at home (which is strongly discouraged), wax is to marijuana as freebasing is to cocaine or heroin and what the shake-and-bake method is to meth. In other words, very, very dangerous. When using butane to make wax, its vapors can fill a room and ignite with the smallest of sparks, just like gas. One small mistake in the extraction process – blasting – can cause a very large explosion. And yes, if you’re close to that explosion, it can kill you.

Is Cannabis Wax Safe?


As with any substance, the potency of THC and the euphoria experienced can lead to dependency and abuse in search of the “next big high”.

First and foremost, attempting to make your own DIY cannabis wax can be extremely dangerous. We recommend purchasing it from a legit marijuana dispensary.

It is common to use low-quality alcohol to make the process faster and cheaper leading to serious side effects and extreme harm to the consumer.

The high potency of the wax has proven to increase the risk of an accidental overdose. In addition, the hallucinogenic effects of the drug have been linked to paranoia, psychosis, and hallucinations which can last for days.

Butane causes serious side effects because not all of the butane is always burned off in the process of creating the wax. The butane left in the substance poses various health risks including:

● Permanent damage to the brain and central nervous system
● Increased heart rate
● Loss of consciousness

That said, cannabis wax can be an outstanding way to combat a wide range of medical problems, and is also a great choice if you wish to get super-duper high in states where recreational weed is legal. However, enjoy cannabis wax responsibly, because its effects are seriously next level!

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