Interesting Marijuana Facts and Statistics 2020

The thing about marijuana is that the public believes it knows everything about it already, when in reality, they know relatively little. With that in mind, here you might find a few of the following statistics more than a little eye opening.

Interesting Marijuana Facts and Statistics 2020

  • Over 60% of Americans believe pot should be legalized.
  • Medical marijuana helped over 90% of the people who were using it.
  • Marijuana is the second most frequently found substance in drivers’ bodies after serious traffic accidents.
  • Fewer than 10% of weed Users become addicted.
  • $326 is the average price for 1oz of high-quality marijuana.
  • Over 50% of Americans have tried cannabis at some point in their lives.
  • Marijuana is used by at least 183 million people globally.
  • Marijuana is not a gateway drug.
  • The most expensive marijuana is sold in the District of Columbia.
  • Black people are 273% more likely to be arrested for possession than white people.
  • 24% of young adult Americans use marijuana, as reported by marijuana usage statistics.
  • At the moment, medical marijuana is legalized in 33 states and recreational marijuana is legal in 11 states.
  • Cannabis law enforcement costs police $3.6 billion every year.
  • A twin study from 2019 confirmed that marijuana usage does not cause a drop of 8 IQ points.
  • You can die from marijuana use – all it takes is 800 joints in a single sitting ( you could die from a “mere” 800 joints in 15 minutes, but it would be carbon monoxide poisoning that kills you, and not weed!).
  • No one has still died of a marijuana overdose.

Impressive performance, when you consider the fact that all forms of recreational cannabis were illegal across the United States in its entirety less than a decade ago.

When you read all the data surrounding marijuana, it gets harder and harder to justify its current federally illegal status. To this day, it has caused no overdose deaths, is capable of helping with medical conditions such as chronic pain, and above all, it grows naturally!

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