Is Freezing Your Weed To Preserve It’s Freshness a Good Idea?

The invention of the freezer is up there with some of the best, extending the life of our food and giving us ice-cold delectable munchies. But when it comes to storing your prized weeds, is it realy a  good idea?

Is it a good Idea?

So you’ve found yourself with too much bud (as if that’s possible), and want to keep it fresh and potent for as long as you can, and you’ve probably heard that too much humidity could lead to mold and mildew destroying your stash.

In order to combat high humidity, throwing your bud in the freezer seems like a reasonable and logical step to take! I mean it works for food right? Unfortunately, the simple answer to whether or not you should freeze your weed is a resounding no.

Why not?

After working long and hard to grow and harvest your weed, improper storage can quickly become a nightmare leading to a fouling of your product. Similar to the dangers of heat and humidity, cold temperatures also have their own negative affects on marijuana.

1. How does freezing affect the trichomes

You may have noticed the fine white hair-like particles that cover your bud? These resin glands are known as trichomes, and in the case of your own harvest, you’ve probably watched them closely as they developed from clear to milky or amber coloured.

These glands are not only responsible for giving each strain its unique taste and smell, they are also where cannabinoids like THC and CBD are most prevalent, and therefore responsible for how high you can get.

Freezing your weed literally causes these trichomes to crystalize like small ice particles, and your subsequent handling of the bud will cause them to break off into what ever storage container you’re using. Most storage containers/bags will also be affected by static charge, so even if your handling is kept to a minimum, the container will do the damage for you.

2. Low temperatures affect decarboxylation

What the hell does that mean, you might ask? Put simply, decarboxylation is a chemical process that occurs naturally during the drying/curing of your bud. Raw cannabis contains a lot of THC-A, which is non-psychoactive, and through the process of decarboxylation it turns into THC– the chemical compound that gets you high.

The process can be accelerated when using marijuana for your cooking, but by storing your marijuana at temperatures that are too low (like in the freezer) you can literally stop decarboxylation in its tracks, leading to a less potent product.

After all the care taken with your bud up to this point, losing your trichomes can be devastating, making your smoke taste worse, harsher, and less psychoactive, so keep it out of the freezer.

So what’s the right way to store your weed

We have put out a wealth of information about better storage techniques, so I won’t go into too much detail, but there are some simple steps to follow which can lead to a longer lasting, fuller flavoured, and better smoking bud.

Store it in a cool, dark place. Whilst controlling humidity will help prevent mould and mildew on your bud, overexposure to UV rays has proven to be the ‘greatest single factor’ in the breakdown of cannabinoids. Go glass. Glass not only possesses a neutral charge, you can ensure an airtight seal for your product.

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