Is It To Late to Start Outdoor Marijuana Grow Now?

Answer is clear: It’s never too late to germinate some marijuana plants. You can start whenever, but just expect your finished product to be what it can do in the given time and weather.

The seeding season usually occurs between February and May (depending on the final size we want to get we should start earlier or later).

This data doesn’t mean it’s not possible to seed later on, it just means that seeds seeded during June, July or even during August won’t be as big, nor produce as much yield, than the same plants seeded one or two months earlier.

Seeding during June or July could be even a benefit, because plants will need less attention (due to its smaller size) and will be more discreet for foreign persons walking around.


To understand late seeding of marijuana strains we should understand three aspects:

  • A marijuana plant, whatever its genetic, will never start flowering until she becomes adult (3-4 weeks from germination).
  • Mostly indica marijuana seeds, or indica-sativa hybrids, start to flower outdoors on Mid-August (when they perceive the days are shorten enough, and the hours of light have decreased).
  • Once the cannabis plants start to flower, usually take between 8-10 weeks to be ready to harvest.

A marijuana plant that has been seeded during July, usually has 1-3 months less to grow before starting to flower (early August). This inferior vegetative period could mean even a benefit for less experienced growers, that don’t need as much yields to satisfy their consume.

In good conditions, and using fertilizers, it is not rare that cannabis seeds seeded in July can reach a meter height before start flowering. To get that we could use pots between 20l and 40l. If our terrace is small, we recommend using a 20 liters pot, but if we have plenty of space, it will be better to use 40 liters pots. The reason is simple: Bigger the containe will be, less atentions plants will need, specially during its first vegetative stages. Bigger pots offer more substrate available (so more nutrients to feed the plants), and also increased capacity to retain water in it, so it increases distance between waterings.

Flowering marijuana plants seeded late

The longest day of the year is June 24th. From that date in advance, days will become shorter, and nights will be longer. Arrived to early August, thanks to this decreasing hours of light, plants will start to show symptoms of bloom starting. So all mostly indica plants will start flowering between first and second week of August, while those mostly sativa strains will take a bit longer to start flowering (by the end of August).

Reffering to type of flowering of these plants seeded in July, it will be the same. Once plants start to flower we should feed them with bloom fertilizer and a bloom stimulator, to help them maximize its yields. If all steps are followed properly, plants receive enough quantity of light per day, and we take care of them, it is not extrange to get decent yields.

A lot of growers use autoflowering seeds due to its quick cycle, less needings, and good yields for a non photoperiod dependant plant. Even these qualities, when we arrive to June or July, we like to recommend seeding photoperiod strains, because they get same or better results, in the same time before harvest (3 months).

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Benefits of seeding marijuana in June or July

  • More discreet plants, less sized
  • Less dedication needed
  • Less fertilizer needings
  • Less pest probabilities
  • Better yields than autoflowering plants

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