Is Legalized Cannabis really Safe Cannabis?

Track and trace technology should allow you to know where your cannabis is on the supply chain, But the down side is, the sysytem still has many workarounds.

Moldy cannabis

With legal weed more and more accessible in the United States, is it safe to say that the bud you buy is safe and of high quality?

Good progress has come about in recent years, despite more needing to be done. 70 percent of products were failing just a few years ago. Today, the number has declined significantly. 

In most cases, the answer is yes, but many producers still fail the tests and missrepresent the results. This can range from flower being moldy to mislabeled. There are also cases of buds that are contaminated. Might we mention the 2018 occurrence, when nearly a fifth of California’s cannabis products failed testing.

What Aaron Riley is the president of Cannasafe has to say:

Laced cannabis

 consumers who visit accredited dispensaries are likely going to find products that are lab tested and have had their contents confirmed prior to sale.  Track and trace technology has done a great job at allowing retailers and consumers to know where their plant has been on the supply chain

And also:

The technology still has workarounds that some have abused. “There’s a lot of misconceptions or people kept trying to mislead consumers…where a brand has a license, but they have, kind of, a split operation. Half of it is legal, half of it’s not.”

So why do companies continue to fail tests?

Because of combination of reasons:

  • Either the company is new and may not have fully vetted its cultivation and supply chain.
  • In some cases, the company can be like a customer and simply get ripped off. The misrepresenting of products happens between sellers and producers just like it does to pot smokers. 

So what can we expect from the future?

According to Riley:

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Testing should continue to improve thanks to sophisticated operators joining the field. These people should help bring a standard that makes cannabis products not only more compliant but also uniform. With hope, consumers will be able to buy GSC in California, Florida or any other legal markets and have it taste and feel the same, just like major brands like coca colla have done throughout the years. 

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