Jeff Sessions Accidentally Narced On His Secret Anti-Weed Meeting

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is currently overseeing a sweeping Justice Department crackdown on leaks, but it appears he’s been busted making his own unauthorized disclosure.

Sessions held a closed-door meeting about drug policy with several longtime opponents of marijuana legalization. The agenda was supposed to be kept confidential, but internet sleuths noticed a photo from the gathering that showed Sessions holding a stack of papers with a partially visible document on top that listed all of the attendees and what they planned to discuss.

Sessions has consistently denied the medicinal value of marijuana and has openly worked against legalization.

Like many meetings, secret or otherwise, the meeting held last week after reporters were kicked out had an agenda typed out for all the attendees to read. And, thanks to journalist Tom Angell, we all get to read it too. Angell took said picture of Sessions holding the agenda to the behind-closed-door meeting. Angell then tweeted out to his followers and asked if anyone could enhance the photo of Sessions inadvertently broadcasting his not so “hidden agenda” to the world. @MentalMocean responded in kind and was able to enhance a screen capture of the document that Marijuana Moment posted.

According to Marijuana Moment the document lists the below names, titles, and intentions. And, although none of the information is shocking it is nonetheless revealing and confirms, Jeff “Secret” Sessions believes marijuana is harmful. And, he doesn’t want the American people to have it. Although his white and ever so pasty hand blocks out some of the language the gist of the meeting and the tone of the table is more than evident.


  • Bertha Madras: Marijuana is not a substitute for opiates as a pain medication.
  • Dr. Hoover Adger: The harm from today’s marijuana.
  • Dr. Bob DuPont: The effect of marijuana on drugged driving.
  • David Evans: The role that the Food and Drug Administration can and should [obscured]
[obscured] The organizations you can speak for and what you and they are [obscured] people from recreational marijuana use.[obscured] law enforcement thinks of the commercialization of [obscured] law enforcement would support an enforcement initiative.
[obscured] course of marijuana commercialization in the states if the [obscured] not intervene.

Marijuana Moment was also able to corroborate the attendees of the meeting by using a pool photographer’s shot posted by C-SPAN before the press was kicked out. According to the video of the opening introductions the below herb haters were invited to help ‘Secret Sessions’ come up with a plan to help “educate” the American people about marijuana.

  • Edwin Meese III, U.S. attorney general under the Reagan administration
  • Kevin Sabet, president and CEO of Smart Approaches to Marijuana
  • Bertha Madras, a former Office of National Drug Control Policy staffer and a member of President Trump’s Commission on
  • Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis
  • Robert DuPont, former director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • David Evans, executive director of the Drug Free Schools Coalition
  • Dr. Hoover Adger, Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Although, the journalistic snapshot of the not so hidden agenda reveals and confirms Session’s intentions his words and actions in the C-Span video are all we need.

Session’s actually said, out loud in a room full of press, marijuana “is not a healthy substance”, and, “I do believe, and I’m afraid, that the public is not properly educated on some of the issues related to marijuana. And that would be a matter that we could, all of us together, maybe be helpful in working on and that would allow better policy to actually be enacted.”

And, the marijuana madness continues. The man that leads our justice system believes marijuana “is not a healthy substance” and is “afraid” the American people don’t know what they are doing. Sessions is undoubtedly, working with anti-legalization prohibitionists to help “educate” the American people and “enact better policy” and we all need to be aware the people in places of power are organizing against legalization. It’s to hard to imagine, especially if you are fortunate enough to live in a legalized state and can get your herb delivered to your front door faster than you can get a pizza. But, it’s true and don’t let your false sense of security fool you into thinking your right to consume marijuana could be taken away. Be wary and continue to vote.

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