Juicing Raw Cannabis: All The Benefits, None Of The High.

More and more health physicians are advocating the use of medical marijuana. And dietician and TV celeb chefs have been raving about juicing for ages.

Juicing raw fruits and vegetables are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

More and more health physicians are advocating the use of medical marijuana. And dietician and TV celeb chefs have been raving about juicing for ages. Recently the two worlds have combined and juicing raw cannabis has now become a health craze in the US among marijuana patients and health freaks alike.
Why not just cook the bud into a brownie or smoke a joint before bed you may ask? Well according to Dr. William Courtney,

“you are actually walking away from 99% of the benefits cannabis provides when you cook or smoke cannabis.”

Just like cooking raw vegetables, you lose nutrients and change the chemicals found in your fruits and vegetables when they are heated.

You don’t have to be high all the time to be medicated.

One of the major side effects of using medical marijuana is the high that goes along with it. Sometimes you may not want to be stoned out of your mind. This is where juicing comes in.

Juicing raw cannabis allows the THC and CBD to stay in the acid form and so does not get you high or have the psychoactive properties of dried buds. Heat is required for THC-A to decarboxylate into THC.

You can take higher dosages.

Without the effect of getting high it is possible to consume much larger doses. Typically a user can ingest up to 10 milligrams of THC per day if they where to smoke medical cannabis. Users consuming raw cannabis can however consume up to a 1000 mg per day.

Dr. William Courtney believes,

“If you don’t heat marijuana, you can go up to five or six hundred milligrams and use the plant strictly as a dietary supplement by upping the anti-oxidant and neuro-protective levels which come into play at hundreds of milligrams of CBDA and THCA. It is this dramatic increase in dose from 10 mg of psychoactive THC to the 500 mg – 1,000 mg of non-psychoactive THCA, CBDA, and CBGA that comprises the primary difference between traditional medical marijuana treatments and using cannabis as a dietary supplement.”

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Patients that require high doses of THC and CBD can easily consume enough to saturate the system.

Live an active and healthy lifestyle at work or play, with weed.

Once you have your raw cannabis juice it is best to consume it throughout the day rather than in one go. So mix some in your morning smoothie or create a cannabis cocktail in the evening with some vodka or gin.

If you are an avid juicer you must know the feeling of throwing in almost anything you have in the fridge that resembles a fruit or vegetable. Mangoes work extremely well as they have similar turpene and flavor profiles that enhance the bodies ability to uptake THC.

Play around with flavors and marijuana strains you enjoy to enhance your experience and keep you motivated to juice daily. We have found that high CBD strains tend to taste sweeter than THC dominant strains and are delicious with a hemp seed, cocoa and honey smoothie.

Cut down on smoking weed.

Smoking marijuana can have some negative effects such as acute respiratory issues and it always a good idea to give your lungs a break every known again. Vaping is also an option but may not be appropriate in a business meeting or at the movies.

Marijuana juicing checklist.

  • Cannabis leaves and bud must be raw (not dried or cured)
  • Make sure your raw cannabis is insecticide free and grown organically
  • The fresher the material the better.
  • Juice as much as you feel comfortable with. (but try at least 20 leaves per day and a fresh bud or two)
  • Mix in another fruit or vegetable to change the flavor. (We suggest mango, ginger and even cocoa)
  • Split your daily dosages and have them after meals or as “inbetweeners” if you making smoothies.

[Updated, originally published 12.3. 2017]

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