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“Yeah, man. I’m good, I’m just tired. Allergies, bro.”

7 Tips for Making the Switch From Just Marketing to Cannabis Marketer

The legal cannabis industry is worth billions, and your marketing skills are in demand -- even if you have little experience with the plant itself. Top-shelf cannabis companies are seeking experienced, and most importantly, well-rounded marketers to handle their branding and business efforts. The following are some pro tips to help you build a foundation [...]

How to Pack the Perfect Stash Box

Regardless of its form, the stash box is an essential and personal part of a smoker’s lifestyle. The average stash box is some container. When people first start devoting themselves to having more enjoyable sessions, they usually end up with a collection of items that get the job done. A pipe, a poker of some [...]

Man Busted By Cops After Leaving Two Pounds Of Cannabis In Uber

Plenty of people leave things behind in Ubers and have the driver return whatever they left to them; but this Pennsylvania man would have been better off just forgetting about it. A Pennsylvania man who left two pounds of pot in an Uber driver’s vehicle was arrested by police when he tried to retrieve the [...]

Marijuana Censorship On All Social Media Platforms is a Major Issue for Filmmakers

‘Weed the People’ and ‘Mary Janes: The Women of Weed’ exist — but where are the ads? It’s pretty clear at this point that women in the cannabis industry are crushing it; but of course, success never comes without a fight. Source Filmmakers Windy Borman and Abby Epstein alleged that several websites and publications are [...]

Recreational vs. Medical Cannabis in Canada

Now that cannabis is legal from coast to coast, how does Canada’s “recreational” market differ from the medical cannabis system that was first established by Health Canada in 2001? Earlier this year, the Canadian Medical Association submitted a proposal to Health Canada arguing that there was no need to have separate systems for medical and [...]

Cop Gets Just 90 Days in Jail for Child Porn as Man Selling Weed Gets 5 YEARS

A community is outraged this week as a former Columbus police officer of 20 years was sentenced to just 90 days in jail for possession and distribution of child porn involving small children. Meanwhile, a man in Louisiana who happened to get caught selling a plant to willing customers was sentenced to over 5 years [...]

Vertical Cannabis Growing – That’s How You Maximize Your Yield in Tight Spaces

If you find that a lack of adequate space is a hindrance to your cannabis, you might want to give vertical growing a chance. For both home and commercial growers alike, managing garden space while maximizing yields can be a difficult task. This is especially true in urban areas, where the demand for marijuana is [...]

CBD or Kratom: Which Is Better?

Chances are you’re familiar with the popular cannabis extract, cannabidiol (CBD). But it’s not the only natural pain relief option that has been making headlines lately. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), a species of tree from Southeast Asia, became so popular over the last few years that it caught the attention of the federal government. It’s still [...]

Marijuana Prohibition Began With These Arrests

The first thing you notice about the mug shot of Samuel R. Caldwell is that the man is wearing overalls. The balding, middle-aged Caldwell’s brow is furrowed, his lips tightly pursed. “Colo State Pen 18699” hangs around his neck, snug to the top of his tightly cinched denim shoulder straps. His eyes stare defiantly into [...]

CBD Selection Should Start With The Entourage Effect

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” First said by Aristotle, this phrase has been used in countless situations to break down the concept of synergy. Just think about it. Whenever you decide to make a purchase that will affect the quality of your life, you’ve already made the decision that it [...]