Kentucky Governor Says He’ll Never Legalize Weed Because of All the Overdoses

Kentucky governor Matt Bevin said he would never allow cannabis to be legalized while he was governor. Time to vote or better yet chase him out Kentucky?

Kentucky governor Matt Bevin is what you would call your typical GOP governor. He once claimed Hillary Clinton winning would have “caused the apocalypse” (well, it looks like we got there anyway). He’s also threatened multiple times to tighten requirements for enrolling in Medicaid. Now he’s refused to join the party when it comes to cannabis legalization.

Bevin said during an appearance on a local radio show this week that he would never consider legalizing cannabis because of all the overdoses. Let me remind you at this point that no one has ever overdosed or died just from using cannabis. “We are not, while I’m governor, going to be legalizing the use of marijuana in this state for recreational purposes or for revenue-generating purposes,” Bevin said while on WHAS radio. “There are people overdosing based on ingestion of products that are edibles and things.” So let’s unpack this, shall we?

First of all, we already know that he is incorrect about people overdosing and dying from edibles. There has been an increase in emergency room visits due to people becoming too intoxicated from eating edibles, but no one has died. This increase can be attributed to a number of factors, not cannabis being dangerous. Now that cannabis is legal, people are experimenting with it more and more. Sometimes experiments can go a little awry.

You know what is causing lots of overdoses in Kentucky right now? Opiates. The opiate crisis has reached catastrophic proportions in Kentucky, where roughly 3 out of 10 adults knows someone who is addicted to prescription pills. In northern Kentucky 36 percent of families are affected by heroin use. There’s a way to fix this. Legalizing cannabis. Studies have shown repeatedly that opiate use is lower in states where cannabis is legal. Legal cannabis is saving lives, you know the complete opposite of what Bevin is saying.

So is this guy being disingenuous? Yes. He has access to the same information I presented above. He just chooses to ignore it. Ninety nine percent of the time when a politician does this, it’s because they are compromised. As you can see from a list of donors to his gubernatorial campaign, he received donations from various industries including CVS Health. Governor Bevin doesn’t care about you or your health. It’s time to vote him out Kentucky.

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