Key Tips for Growing Marijuana

Growing cannabis at home can be fun, simple and cost-effective! We believe everyone should have access to their own clean cannabis.

You might find conflicting information from many sources, however, there are some basic rules that apply for every grower. Good genetics, good lighting, nutrients, airflow are some of the important ones.

Start With The Right Genetic Material


This is arguably one of the most important steps in the growing process. A plant with good genes will set a solid foundation for everything else. No amount of efforts can help a plant with bad genes grow better, so do your research and make a proper choice. Look for strains that are known for their thick buds and potent qualities.

Cannabis Needs Lots of Light

Large vegetable crops due to more light are reflective of large vegetables and crops growing in the summer solstice in Alaska. Many growers grow indoors due to being able to control light. This enables growers to produce more harvests and yields. While in the wild, plants must wait a day for the sun to come out. Indoors, the light can come on anytime the grower wants. For more information, visit 101 grow lights or visit website on the best hps bulbs.

Good Soil And Fertilizer Management

A good quality natural soil is sufficient and can provide the plant with the necessary supplements and nutrients. If the soil is of good quality it will require no further additives or at least no sooner than the last stages of growth.

Be careful if youre adding fertilizer, dont go too far or the plant might experience burns, leaf harm and an overall weakened state. Always make sure to use reputable products and make research prior to purchasing.

Good Air Circulation

Having a well ventilated grow room with free flowing air is another important aspect. All professional growers are aware that the quality of air can make that subtle difference in quality that makes great into amazing.

If youre growing less than 3 plants of up to medium size its sufficient to use two oscillating fans. If you`re growing more plants it means that you need more grow lights, which generate more heat and require the usage of more fans and a better air circulation system.

Harvesting At The Right Time

Make sure that you dont harvest too early or late. The buds have reached maturity when the white hairs have changed their color to rusty red or even brownish. Its also common practice to harvest a few buds on separate stages in order to determine exactly which one yields the best results. As the THC in the plant matures the effects get “stonier” so to say.

We hope this post helped and encouraged you to start growing your own cannabis at home. Follow the basic guidelines and you should do just fine. Remember that growing is a long-term dedication and every setback teaches you a lesson that you can later use to your advantage.

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