Kids Were Picking Up Trash For Earth Day. Then They Found A 22-Pound Bale of Weed

In a perfect world, people would have a great deal of respect for the planet we live on and do everything in their power to ensure it continues to thrive in order to allow us to experience the natural wonder of the world.

Unfortunately, as you know all too well, the world is far from a perfect place and people insist on doing seemingly everything in their power to give Mother Earth the finger, whether we’re fucking up the rain forests, pumping the ocean full of oil, or doing whatever else we can in an attempt to get to experience what the people in The Day After Tomorrow felt like.

Student volunteers participating in a post-Earth Day mangroves cleanup in Islamorada last week expected to find the usual array of bottles and cans, plastic bags, straws and the occasional shoe.

They did find all that. Lots of it.

They also found a 22-pound bale of marijuana, according to the Adam Hoffner, agent in charge of the Florida Keys for the U.S. Border Patrol.

“The package was reportedly discovered by students at Coral Shores High School during a field trip,” Hoffner said. The volunteers called the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and Border Patrol agents picked up the drugs.

“We continue to encourage community members to immediately report any suspicious packages that they encounter to local law enforcement agencies,” Hoffner said.

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