Lavender Jones Cannabis Strain

THC 20%
CBD 0.1%

Lavender Jones is a high-yielding hybrid with a sweet floral scent. Happy, euphoric, and relaxing, this bud is an excellent way to wind down after a trying day.
Lavender Jones is the talk of the town in Colorado. Featuring a light, floral, lavender-like fragrance, Lavender Jones is a delight to the nose and tongue. This strain is a cross between two well-respected parents, Purple Urkle and Casey Jones. Lavender Jones has inherited a fairly balanced experience that perhaps leans slightly toward the sedative side. However, many consumers enjoy the happy, cerebral uplift this flower provides.

Great for intermediate and experienced consumers alike, Lavender Jones can feature THC levels that range from 16 to 25 percent THC. Deeply relaxing, inhaling this strain is like taking a breath full of joyful calm.

Medical cannabis patients often pick up this strain for relief from mental health ailments like chronic stress and depression. However, this bud is also a popular choice for those who struggle to fall asleep at night. Many find that Lavender Jones provides mild to moderate pain relief, as well as relief from gastrointestinal distress and lack of appetite. Many may find that this bud is helpful in the event of a migraine headache.





Average Yield

Very high (actual yield N/A)
Outdoor Harvest Date
Late September
Average Height

Grow Difficulty



Caryophyllene – Pepper
Myrcene – Musk, mango
Humulene – Hops
Terpinolene – Wood

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