Learn How to Roll a Slow-burning Joint

Proper joint rolling is considered a fine art in many social circles. There’s something special about a properly rolled, evenly burning joint that seems to last as long as you want it to. Unfortunately, not all of us have the magic green touch and joint rolling can be somewhat of a cumbersome task.

There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a smoke, only to find your joint burns down in seconds. So, how can you ensure a slow, even burn on your joint every time around? In this article, we explore 6 simple tips to make your joint burn slower. What are you waiting for? Stop wasting weed and learn how to make joint burn slower with this guide.

Use Top-Shelf Bud


You can’t expect to roll a great joint if you’re using crap bud. The biggest factor affecting how well your bud burns is how long it has been cured. Plus, any unnatural additives will also affect the burn-rate of your weed.

Hence, whenever possible, do your best to source clean, properly cured buds. If you live in a place where cannabis is legal, this will be much easier for you as the products available are likely to be regulated more stringently. To learn how to tell apart good weed from the snicklefritz, check out this blog.

Grind Your Cannabis


Ensuring an even and fine grind is imperative not only to achieving a longer lasting smoke, but a far more even burn on all sides of the joint. Try to find a grinder that gives a good fine grind when packing a joint. Be sure not to over grind, as powdery herb will prevent proper airflow and may compromise your smoking experience.

Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to pick one that will accommodate the capacity of your joint so you aren’t left having to pack multiple loads. When time is of the essence, you’ll want to avoid long preparations to save time for what matters: puffing.

Choose Rolling Papers Wisely


Rolling papers—which come in different sizes, materials, flavours and thicknesses—are crucial for making slow-burning joints. By allowing more air to pass through, thinner rolling papers make the joint burn slower. That may be a reason to forego rolling with flavoured papers, since they are usually quite thick and burn faster. Cigarette papers, too, may simply be too thick to get the desired burn.

Rolling papers are usually made from wood pulp, hemp or rice. While wood pulp papers are the most common in dispensaries, they, unfortunately, also burn more quickly and are usually bleached, which, again, alters their burn rate. That said, they are a good option for beginners.

Use Hash Oil


Using hash oil won’t just make your joints burn slower. It’ll also get you higher. After you’re done filling your rolling paper with ground cannabis, try dropping some hash oil on top evenly throughout the joint. Or, if your hash oil is particularly sticky, you can try spreading it along the inside or outside of the paper with your dabber, like butter on toast. Whether you spread your hash oil on the inside or outside of your joint is a personal preference. Either way, the hash oil’s thick, sticky consistency is sure to slow down the burn rate of your joint. Just be careful—as previously mentioned, adding hash oil to your joint will also significantly boost its potency. If you do add hash oil to your joint, it’s recommended that you smoke less of the joint than you would normally, wait at least 15 minutes, and if you’re not as high as you’d like to be, continue smoking the rest.

Add Honey To Make Joints Burn Slower

Some cannabis enthusiasts swear by honey as the perfect sticking agent to keep your blunt wraps from uncoiling mid-toke. But what about using honey in a regular joint?

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Due to its thick and sticky consistency, adding honey to a regular joint can help slow down the amount of time it takes for your joint to burn. Many also report that it can add a sweet, enjoyable flavor to your joint. The trick to adding honey to your joint is moderation. If you douse your joint in honey to the point where your rolling paper is sopping wet, sticky, and floppy, you’ve obviously added too much. Stick to the mantra “less is more.”

Simply drizzle a thin line of honey into your rolling paper before adding in your cannabis. Then, using your finger or a butter knife, gently spread the honey evenly across the inside of your paper. This should leave a thin layer of honey on the inside of your rolling paper. Then, add your cannabis and roll your joint up like normal.

Another option is to roll the joint first, then roll the outside of the joint in a thin layer of honey. Many people do this, and then roll the sticky outer surface of their joint in kief or more ground cannabis. This can certainly add style points to your joint, as well as slowing down the smoking time. Just be sure not to spread the honey too far down the joint to the part where you’ll be holding on with your fingers. If you do this, you will end up with sticky, disgusting fingers.

Roll Tight

Airflow is the name of the game when it comes to having control over your joint’s burn rate. The easiest way to control airflow is to roll a tight, even joint. There are many methods for achieving a tight roll, and even machines that will help eliminate the guess work and dexterity required to achieve a precise roll. Opt for help if need be, because rolling a joint with the perfect tightness requires practice. Just be careful not to roll your joint too tightly. If your joint is too tight, it will prevent any airflow, meaning you will have a difficult time inhaling any smoke.

Inside-out For an Even Burn

Keep in mind that parts with overlapping paper burn more slowly than the rest of the joint. Try rolling inside-out joints to minimize paper overlapping and get that more even burn.

“Twax” Your Joint


“Twaxing,” or the process of adding cannabis concentrates to your joint, is a terrific way of delivering an extra boost of cannabinoids to your system while also acting as a buffering agent for burn rates. Adding wax either to the outside of your joint or packed in with the ground cannabis will help to significantly slow down the rate at which your joint burns. This method will give you more hits that should pack a considerable punch.

Using butters or crumble works well inside of a joint, whereas shatters and saps do a wonderful job when molded and wrapped around the outside of your rolled apparatus.

Light the Joint Evenly


After rolling that perfect joint, it’s important to make sure to also light it properly. Remember that joints don’t burn like cigarettes; hold the joint over the lighter flame and rotate it as it is being lit.

Also, while lighting up, take smaller, even puffs, and don’t inhale the first draw. Taking deep breaths will likely encourage a faster burn right away. When the joint is lit, look to ensure the burning area is nice and circular.

Quality and quantity will always ensure a longer experience. If you want your smoke sash to last longer, try rolling bigger joints. There you have it! Simple tips for a slow, even burning joint. All that’s left to do is get rolling and try these tips for yourself. 

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