Learn These 5 Awesome Smoke Tricks To Impress Friends When Smoking Weed!

How many times have you been looking for a way to impress at a party? Well, if you go to a party armed with a bag of weed and some seriously impressive smoke tricks, the hottest people will more than likely want to hang around you!  You probably wouldn’t want to use these tricks to impress your parents at a family function, but they are sure to make your stoner family come running. We’ve compiled the five most impressive smoke tricks for you and they come with extensive instructions. Get your weed handy, because you’ll need it for practicing!

Remember, practice in a room or in a car where there is no airflow. If there is wind blowing your tricks aren’t going to work.

The French Inhale

Okay, this is probably the most popular one. It’s easy and it gives a really great effect. The way to perform the french inhale is to allow your exhaled smoke to come up through your nostrils. This means the smoke will be coming out of your mouth and then up into your nose.

So, firstly take a big hit of your pipe or joint. Then, hold the smoke in your cheeks for a second. When you open your mouth, don’t exhale strongly. You don’t want your smoke to go all over the place. Exhale really lightly, and then inhale through your nose. If you push your jaw forward, you can get this effect without blowing any smoke out of your mouth. You don’t have to inhale and exhale at the same time (that might be impossible). You just need to give the smoke enough momentum to come out of your mouth, and then once you are inhaling through your nose, the momentum will be maintained! It creates a reverse waterfall of smoke effect, from your mouth into your nose.

Check out this video for a visual example!

Smoke Rings

Smoke rings are really fun to create and they look really cool. A smoke ring looks like a neat little ring made out of the smoke you just inhaled.

The way to successfully perform the smoke ring trick is all in the movement of the jaw and the throat. As with all smoke tricks, let the smoke sit in your cheeks for a second before doing anything with it. Then open your mouth into the shape of a ring. You do not need to exhale. The way to get the smoke rings to come out of your mouth is to create a little force of wind by opening and closing your throat. This movement of the throat muscle releases a little bit of smoke, and with your mouth in the shape of a ring, they should come out looking like smoke rings.

This one is a bit trickier than the French Inhale, and will probably require some practice. But again, here is a visual example to get you started.

The Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale smoke trick is probably one of the harder ones in this list. It involves blowing out a bubble of smoke, and quickly inhaling it again. But this one is extra impressive.

First things first, hold the smoke in your cheeks for a bit. This gives the smoke a chance to thicken in your mouth into a swirly delight. Then you are going to open your mouth, a little like a fish. The shape you make with your mouth (there is an explanation in the video below), is going to allow for a little ball of smoke to come out of your mouth. Then, when you see it, inhale strongly so it gets sucked back into your mouth. Remember, don’t blow out too long, otherwise you’ll have to go chasing your ghost to inhale it again.
Check out this video for more detailed instruction!

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The Smoke Ring and the Ghost Inhale in one

Once you have mastered both the smoke ring and the ghost inhale, you can try this trick. It involves doing both with the same lungful of smoke. It’s tricky, but probably the most impressive of them all.

The way to do this trick is to create a smoke ring, then blow your little ghost bubble through the ring. Then you will inhale and suck them both back in at the same time. After you blow your smoke ring, give it a chance to expand a little, and pushing your little ghost bubble will also make it grow to fit your ghost. This requires a big hit of smoke and good control not to let it all out at the same time.
This trick is performed at the start of the following video, to give you an example. But practice makes perfect!

The Smoke Tornado

The smoke tornado is a relatively easy trick, and just requires a little bit of practice. There are two ways to perform this trick. One is with a cardboard roll (like the one at the end of your aluminum foil) and the other only requires your hand.

The trick is performed by blowing smoke into the cardboard cylinder slowly, so that it collects in the tube. Hold the cylinder over a table, but without completely blocking the hole on the bottom of the cylinder. The smoke will start to collect on the table. Before it starts flying away, take the tube away from the table. Slide your hand over the smoke on the table with the pinky side. Then lift your hand quickly into the air, to drag the smoke upwards and into a tornado shape.

You can do this trick without the cylinder by blowing the smoke directly onto the table.
Remember to exhale slowly so that the smoke collects, rather than flying away everywhere.

We hope these tricks make you the most impressive person at the party. Keep practicing!

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