Lies You’ve Told When Someone Asked If You’re High

When someone asks you if you’re high, you might not know what to say. Some of you will be straight-forward and say yes. However, others wouldn’t dare tell the truth. From time to time, weed-smokers have had to lie about their high. Your answer at the time may not make any sense. Or, it may be completely genius. Nevertheless, you’ve been there, and you’ve done what you had to do to cover up the fact that you’re stoned. For your amusement, here are 15 lies you’ve definitely told when asked “are you high?”

1. You’re tired

“I’m tired” is a classic answer. And for the most part, it’s one of the most plausible ones.

2. You have allergies

In like manner of the herb, allergies can cause red eyes. So, when someone asks if you’re high, you just say you have allergies.

3. You don’t feel well

If someone asks you if you’re high, just say you’re sick. More than likely, whoever is asking won’t want to catch what you have. And that’s a shame because you actually feel great.

4. It’s just your contacts

Ahh, the contact lens excuse. Works everytime. Have fun with it and offer to take them out. That’s probably the last time someone will dare ask you that question again.

5. It’s been a long day

Maybe you had a long day at work. Or, you had a lot of errands to run. Of course, you’re just high, but that’s your business, not theirs.

6. No, but you wish you were

People might not like this response. But who cares, at least you answered their question.

7. You got spray in your eyes


8. You don’t smoke

In fact, saying you don’t smoke could be true. There are other ways to get high, like eating edibles and vaporizing.

9. Naaaahhhh

Not at all.

10. You were just crying

After crying, your eyes became red, and now you look high. Yeah, that’s what happened.

  • What do you say when people ask you if you are high? Leave a coment below!
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