List Of Ten Legendary Names In The Cannabis Community

Since the War on Drugs began and the attempted eradication of cannabis was started by the US government and supported globally by other nations, millions have opposed marijuana prohibition.

There are so many people that have helped cannabis evolve and bring it into the legal spotlight today, that it’s hard to mention them all or even know who they are. The one thing these people all have in common is their need for weed and love of sharing this incredible plant.

Here’s a list of ten different names in the cannabis community I think everyone will enjoy reading about. I saw the struggle of cannabis prohibition, I lived it. Today there are some that will never know this struggle or pain.

While I’m always learning about this beautiful green culture with a cup half empty, I’ve picked up some knowledge along the way about some rather awesome people. Check out the names below to see how many you know. They all have amazing stories behind them.

Pebbles Trippet

She goes way back in the scene and has been there, according to locals, for almost every cannabis event “since the whole thing started.” Cannabis activist and supporter whose personal life greatly impacted proposition 215 in California. Because of Pebbles, there is a “Trippet Standard.” Google it for the ruling in full. When there is a law named after you, you know you’ve affected policy. Pebbles spent time Behind Bars and baste a jury of her peers to eventually win her case. She had to fire her lawyer and represent herself in a court of law in order to be truthful. Pebbles Trippet is an inspiration too many. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the chance to meet this legend while attending a cannabis expo or seminar.

Scott Blakely

AKA Shantibaba is a legendary cannabis grower and breeder with a Master’s Degree in Biology that you should know about. It is because of individuals such as him that cannabis has evolved into the delectable varieties that we have today. Shantibaba is quite possibly most known for his roll-in Greenhouse Seed Company Scott Blakely AKA Shantibaba is a name that is synonymous with cannabis. During the 1990s Scott Blakely worked on cannabis genetics helping to shape the future of cannabis as we know it today. He set up Greenhouse Seed Company in 1992 and since then has been a major contributor to cannabis as we know it. Scott Blakely ended up keeping up with the legendary Welsh smuggler Howard Marks to work on Mr. Nice Seed Bank. Shantibaba also specializes in high CBD strains of cannabis with CBD Crew.

Neville Schoenmakers

A legendary cannabis breeder known for breeding some of the best pot on the planet is a named. Nevil Martin Schoenmakers is an Australian-born cannabis breeder known for founding the first cannabis seedbank, which was called “The Seed Bank of Holland”, in the early 1980s in the Netherlands. This was also the first seed company to advertise directly to the public in High Times magazine. Neville’s Haze has won countless Awards globally you out the Cannabis community. Neville was involved in several cannabis seed banks. Just recently the 62-year-old was named the Strategic advisor to the board of Singaporean Biotech Stemcell United. If you’re curious as to why Neville would take a position such as this, consider that this company has a specialty. That specialty is Traditional Chinese Medicine. More in particular plant extracts.

Howard Marks

A Welsh drug Smuggler that had the nickname Mr. Nice had a helping hand with cannabis to get it where it is today. Howard marks was more than a Smuggler he was an international Man of Mystery. He was said to have ties to MI6, the cartel, the CIA, and more. His charm seemed to get him in with the right crowd everywhere he went. Through so high profile court cases Howard Mark AKA Mr. nice became infamous. He was part of several seed banks and a major player in the High Times cannabis cups of the nineteen-nineties. This Smuggler turned author ended up toke and his final Bowl April 10th of 2016 but will live on in the memory of many throughout the Cannabis community and culture endlessly.

Romulan Joe

This legendary individual hope to do some work on the skunk strain of cannabis with the group from sacred seed Collective they’re in the 1980s. After the bust of the Sacred Seed Collective this legendary individual help to do some work on the skunk strain of cannabis with the group from sacred seed collective during the 1980s. After the best of the secret seed collective Mendocino Joe move to Canada assuming the name Romulan Joe. For passing away Romulan Joe sold the Skunk genetics he had work done two PR Ziggy and Federation seeds. Someday of Romulan Joe credit for bringing the Skunk strain of cannabis to Canada.

Maple Leaf Wilson

Not much is known about Old Maple Leaf Wilson other than he was a hashish trade route hippy. It’s rumored that some people say he acquired his cannabis seeds from celestial beings, while other’s say, that’s utter nonsense. However, he acquired them on his travels when he made his way into California and started growing some of his seeds he acquired the nickname Maple Leaf Wilson because is pot produced leaves that resemble the maple leaf compared to the long fingers leaves of Sativa cannabis that native Californians of the time were used to.

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DJ Short

He is a legendary cannabis breeder out of Oregon’s West Coast. DJ Short has produced incredibly tantalizing and delectable flavors profiles with cannabis strains such as blueberry and flow just to name a few. Known to focus more on flavor and Aroma attributes rather than yield and potency DJ shorts cannabis is one that’s considered to be a cannabis for the Cannabis connoisseur at heart. Slow and blueberry along with other legendary DJ Short strains have gained popularity to reach Beyond Oregon’s West Coast to grab cannabis Community globally. If you consider yourself this or that you better make sure that you get a chance to blaze on some amazing from this incredible cannabis breeder.

David Watson

aka Sam the skunk man made his way from the west coast of California to the shores of Holland admits that sacred seed bust of the mid-1980s. With him, he brought 5 legendary strains of cannabis from California’s West Coast. Skunk, Northern Lights, early girl, only purple, and Hayes made their way to the shores of Holland to help populate some of the many incredible hybrid cannabis strains we enjoyed today. If not for David Watson taking these strains of cannabis to Holland they may have been lost indefinitely.

Kyle Kushman

He is a West Coast cannabis breeder that does more than grow big Bodacious beautiful buds. This cannabis consultant and breeder is the Thinker and creator behind Kushman veganic. Veganic is the process of growing cannabis that is both organic and vegan certified. By using plant-based compost and removing all elements Animal product with the exception of microbes and bacteria veganic is starting to set a new standard for cannabis for those who are lucky enough to experience Veganic cannabis.

Craig Ex

aka The Expert from Expert Joints, is a name that you must know in cannabis. From Canada to the U.S. and beyond The Expert is helping people to do more than learning how to roll a well put together joint, he’s sharing the stories that make our culture with millions! If you need help sharing your story, advertising your product or building you brand, Craig is the man with the plan!

These awesome peeps have helped bring so many varieties of cannabis to the table today. If not for them, cannabis may not be the same. Legends live on in story long after their gone. These are names I aim to help fill the pages of time with. Two thoughts to leave you with before I go, A random act of kindness goes a long way so try for at least one a day and a single seed can tip the scales, be the seed. Till next time stay lifted and gifted buds.

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