Man Busted After Mailing Himself 1,500 Packs of Weed-Infused Gummies

Police have seized more than 1,500 packages of marijuana gummies shipped from California to an address in Connecticut.

The investigation has been ongoing for some time now, as agents from the Eastern Central Narcotics Task Force began investigating the suspicious shipment in February. The package was mailed from Corona, California.

According to a report by The AP, the marijuana gummies were from a brand called, “Infused Creations,” and the gummies in question closely resembled Sour Patch Kids candy.

Police found 339 individually wrapped gummies after intercepting the package. Manchester Police Sargeant, Matthew Pace, told The Hartford Courant that each packet was labeled “300 mg (0.3 grams) medical cannabis.”

32-year-old Jeremy Freeman, who leases the South Windsor building in which the gummies were being shipped to, has been subject to a police investigation since early February.

Freeman has been charged with possession of more than one kilogram of marijuana with intent to sell, operating a drug factory, and possession of drug paraphernalia after authorities seized the packages.

After getting a tip regarding a large-scale marijuana operation shipping goods from a Corona, California location to Freeman’s address in South Windsor, the Eastern Central Narcotics task force was able to obtain a search warrant and intercept one of the packages in question.

In the intercepted package, police found 339 individually wrapped THC-infused gummies from the brand “Infused Creations.”

Upon a more detailed search, police were able to uncover another four packages, bringing the gummy total to around 1,588 individual packages of uniquely styled cannabis products.

Manchester police Sgt. Matthew Pace says most of the gummies were in the style of traditional Sour Patch Kids candy and contained 300 mg of “medical cannabis.”

According to police, each packet goes for around $25 per gummy in California and $50 in Connecticut.

In Connecticut, edibles are permitted, but only for medical purposes. However, a recent bill, introduced by Martin Looney, Democratic Senate President Pro Tempore, would steer the state towards joining its neighbors in legalizing weed for recreational use. Opposition from state Governor, Dannel Malloy, has disrupted the bill somewhat, although legalization efforts continue to move forward. Connecticut stands to gain a significant amount in revenue if recreational marijuana is legalized, as states like Colorado have proven.

Nevertheless, the shipment of such a large amount of marijuana gummies doesn’t fall within the realm of legality in either California or Connecticut. It remains unclear what punishment the arrested party will face, but it’s unlikely he will face much leniency.

Freeman is just one of many who have attempted to capitalize on the burgeoning industry’s increasing legality. Unfortunately, for Connecticut, however, legalization talks have been shelved for the time being, but residents should expect a hearing about it on Thursday.

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